Posted by: Debby Durkee | January 16, 2010

Obama’s mention in Game Change

Obama’s mention in Game Change.

Ed Lasky over at has picked up on what the new book Game Change says about Barack Obama. Some of it is definitely not positive. Why oh why hasn’t the MSM mentioned these excerpts? Oh, that’s right, “Thou shalt not say anything bad about Obama” — is their first commandment. From the book:

“He could come across as cocky, that was for sure. He knew he was smarter than the average politician and he not only knew it but wanted to make sure everyone else knew it, too. He would interrupt aides at meeting, saying Look (he does this all the time) and be off to the races, reframing the point, extending it and then claim ownership of it. “Whose idea was that? Was another of his favorites, employed with cheerful boastfulness whenever something he’d previously proposed had come up roses. His calmness and composure would veer into the freakish,., and sometimes concealed gaudy confidence in himself. When asked if he was nervous, Obama replied “I’m Lebron, baby..I can play at this level. I got some game”.

As Lasky says — he basically steals other’s ideas, takes credit for them when they work and boasts about it all because he’s the smartest guy in the room. Charming? Or narcissistic?

Lasky continues reading and finds more charming characteristics on display and wonders why wasn’t any of this known before the election? In this excerpt he shows how bored he was with the slow pace of the Senate.

The glacial pace, the endless procedural wrangling, the witless posturing and petifoggery, the geriatric cast of characters doddering around the place: all of it drove him nuts. To one friend in Chicago, Obama complained,

“It is basically the same as Springfield except the average age in Springfield is forty-two and in Washington it’s sixty-two. Other than that, it’s the same bullshit”.

After listening to Biden during a committee hearing, Obama passed a note to Gibbs that read “Shoot me now”.

Time and again after debates on the floor, he would emerge through the chamber’s double doors shaking his head, rolling his eyes, using both hands to give the universal symbol for the flapping of gums, sighing wearily, “Yak, yak, yak”.

Being a dictator is so much easier! Just give an order and voila! it’s done. Lasky wonders if that is the reason for his push, push, push, no time for debate. He doesn’t want debate. It’s too slow; takes too much time; and he’s bored,  already. Read it all here:


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