Posted by: Debby Durkee | January 21, 2010

Little guy to Washington: Drop dead

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Little guy to Washington: Drop dead.

Michael Barone has looked at some of the election results of the Scott Brown win. It was a revolt against Washington on many levels, not just health care. The little guy is telling the “educated class” to drop dead and quit thinking you know what’s best for me. Sounds like Tea Party sentiment to me. This is from the Washington Examiner:

Scott Brown’s victory was not just a rejection of Democrats’ health care plans. Brown also stoutly opposed the Democrats’ cap-and-trade legislation to reduce carbon emissions. He spoke out strongly for trying terrorists like the Christmas bomber in military tribunals, not in the civil court system where lawyers would advise them to quit talking. He talked about cutting taxes rather than raising them as Democrats are preparing to do.

Brown’s victory represents a rejection of Obama administration policies that were a departure from those of the Bush administration. In contrast, on Afghanistan, where Obama is stepping up the fight, Brown backed Obama while his hapless left-wing opponent Martha Coakley was forced (her word) to oppose it to win dovish votes in the Democratic primary.

…Brown would never have been competitive if Americans generally favored the policies of the Obama administration and congressional Democratic leaders. In that case, even a dud would have trounced the man who drives a truck. Snip –

…a look at the incoming election results in Massachusetts’ cities and towns shows the depth and breadth of his support. Brown ran especially far ahead of John McCain’s 36 percent in blue-collar areas, and turnout was sharply down in inner-city neighborhoods of Boston and old mill towns. In other words, those who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the Democrats’ health care and “spreading the wealth around” either trended Republican or stayed home.

Brown’s gains were not as great in areas dominated by what the New York Times’ David Brooks called, perhaps archly, “the educated class.” Cambridge and Amherst remained solidly monopartisan. But in suburbs with many upward strivers, people who (like Scott Brown) have worked their way from the economic margins to some comfort, turnout was almost as high as in November 2008. Towns that split evenly in the presidential race went 2-to-1 for Brown.

Obama and “the educated class” think they know what is best for the little guy. The voters of Massachusetts (Massachusetts!) beg to differ. Is anyone in the White House listening?

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
Hat Tip:

Like I said in yesterday’s post, the national news media (and therefore the Democrat Party) missed the biggest story of the year – the Tea Party movement. Now they’re all scrambling trying to understand what happened in Massachusetts on Tuesday. Here’s a hint: the American people are mad as hell, and you’d better pay attention because we’re coming after you. This is from the editors of the New York Post – they say, dismiss the Tea Parties at your peril.

At first, the mainstream media largely ignored the Tea Party gatherings. Then came the laughter and the smarmy epithet, “teabaggers.”

Next, liberals attacked Tea Party-goers as extremists or racists or neo-Nazis.

While all this went on, the Tea Party folks kept on organizing.

Scott Brown reached out to these activists online — and they responded.

Boy, did they ever: In the week before the election, Brown raised nearly $1 million a day on the Internet.

And, on Tuesday, Scott Brown won.

But it wasn’t just a victory for him.

It was also a win for ordinary citizens filled with righteous passion and energy who demanded some accountability from their elected leaders in Washington.

Good for them.

Party on.

We aren’t going away. Americans are taking their country back. The Second American Revolution is in full swing. History is in the making. The second shot heard ‘round the world was fired on Tuesday, be prepared for many, many more.
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