Posted by: Greg Huff | January 22, 2010

Ethics and Staying in Power (Again)

With the defeat of the Massachusetts Democrat machine for the election of the Senator to replace Ted Kennedy, it seems to be the time to remind Republicans that it is vital that they do not lose their way again.  And so, I am re-posting this article from 2009.

Last year I published the article below on this site telling Republicans how they can remain in power by keeping ethics in on their own members. With the danger of losing our freedoms and the soul of this country to “Progressive” ideology, I thought it worth reminding those who care about such things, how to keep party members ethical.

Back in September 2008 I said in one of my writings (some say ramblings):

”It is however up to the conservatives in office to maintain ethics on their party members. Republicans were thrown out of office because of corruption and abandoning their conservative principles. Corruption in ones party should be pursued with as much gusto as in the opposition party. If that is done and conservatives do not get so full of themselves that they abandon their ethics and principles they will remain in power. “

In that I gave no practical suggestion as to how that might be done.

In a very insightful article by J. R. Dunn of the American Thinker The GOP Must Take Out The Trash, Dunn makes the following comment: “…voting for the Democrats in 2008 was a rational act. Not a very smart act, and in the fullness of time definitely to prove a mistaken one. But rational because the alternative was to vote for the party of Ted Stevens, Larry Craig, Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley, and a gaggle of beggars drooling for earmarks and willing to throw small children onto train tracks to get them. In 2008, the party of Trash went up against the party of Change. That brand of Change is no doubt empty, specious, and dangerous, but you can’t argue with the fact that it smells better than trash.”

Everyone knows that the Senate and House have their own “Ethic Committees”. These bodies are of course a waste of time because they have members from both parties who need to “get along” with the other members and so have no real incentive to act at all in reviewing the ethics of the overall Congress. Members will act to protect their own party from being tainted by scandal.

The committees are then a protection racket that protects their own from their own ethics rules. They will not act until a Senator or Congressman has been arrested or many times, indicted.

So the question must be asked, “how do you take out the trash?” I have not fleshed out the particulars of what I am about to suggest, nor do I think it will be acted on but all the same I need to put it out there.

I believe in order to keep the Republican Party a party of ethical individuals, it is the party itself, the Republican National Committee, that must take on the function of enforcing ethics on its members. The party must appoint a Master at Arms (MAA) and below that person other personnel to handle the investigation and discipline of members who are acting unethically. The MAA would encourage reports be written by those who have knowledge of unethical behavior. If the report is serious or a number of reports accumulate on an individual, the person would be investigated. Those who had knowledge of ethical lapses and did not report it, would be culpable as an accessory and would be considered just as guilty.

Non-cooperation with the investigations or if the ethics situation continues despite attempts by the MAA to get it handled would result in RNC removing endorsement of the person and dismissal from the party.

Candidates should be vetted by the RNC before endorsing them for office and certainly before giving money for their campaigns.

If an ethical party is truly what is wanted, then this is the only way I see to obtain this product.

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  1. Makes just as much sense now as it did the first time!

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