Posted by: Ted | January 23, 2010

Oxymoron: Obama Listening? Just a lot of Bull!

Obama was in Ohio yesterday to listen but what he talked about is how he will move forward with his health care agenda, not listening to what the votes had to say. Our politicians listen to those who support their views and discount those who don’t, Republicans and Democrats alike. The key to making a real difference is knowing both side of an issue and making a rational decision based on the facts. It is not about always agreeing with the decision but it is about at least understanding how the decisions were made and what those decisions were based on. Shining light on our political process would have the most impact on changing the actions of our political “servants”. The Tea Party movement needs to continue to move forward as it splinters both parties and it is obvious that neither party has gotten the message.



  1. Obama being a Marxist and so an ideologue will never listen to what common sense people tell him. There is no capacity to process the information because the frame of reference is distorted by by that ideology. Obama and his whole crowd is almost beyond help. Whether or not the definition of insanity is “the inability to recognize differences, similarities and identities” or “doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result”; on this subject at least, Obama (and his crowd) is crazy.

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