Posted by: Greg Huff | January 24, 2010

Bash America Chic

It recently came up in some conversations that Avatar was an anti-American movie. I have not seen Avatar and so cannot comment on the philosophy behind the movie.   From the previews and reviews of the film however it seems that it is another bash America movie with corporations somehow being the bad guy behind it.

I think the Hollywood writers and directors such as James Cameron have been steeped in the vast amount of false data that is out there (and especially in Hollywood), which has been leveled at the free market capitalist system.  And it has become chic to bash America and corporations, even though they would not have the upscale life style they luxuriate in, if corporations did not exist. Most people in the United States work for corporations, large and small and of one type or another.  Without them American’s lifestyle would be on the level of Somalia or Haiti with just as much personal security.

A fixed idea is a false datum that one bases ones life-view on.  That fixed idea would be somewhat different in each individual but no doubt similar in nature for all of the American bashing self-loathing left.  Most of those that claim a liberal or progressive ideology have a disconnect in their thinking.  They profess they want freethinking, freedom of thought, expression and movement but then advocate government policies that are diametrically opposed to the ideas professed.  Meaning, they advocate for government policies restraining freedom of individuals in a free market and desire to substitute their own government enforced “know-best” to achieve those idealistic (and probably benevolent) goals.  The trouble is, almost without fail, those policies have the exact opposite effect of what was intended by those advocates and leads closer and closer to tyranny.  Tyranny whether or not it is from a single dictator or Politburo is tyranny.

For example take the whole health care debate (may it rest in peace).  The professed reason we needed to have “health care reform” is because of the rising cost of health care and insurance premiums.  This then morphed into “insurance reform”.  If we do proper research and trace back to the source of the problem of rising health care costs, we find that it is government interference with the free market in health care that has caused this problem in the first place.  (I see three primary reasons for this but will not go into it here.) Any time you have government interference in the free market it distorts that market and the result is always rising prices. (With the effect that the market is no longer free.)


The empirical evidence of this is plastic surgery and lasik eye surgery.  Neither is regulated stringently nor does health insurance or Medicare cover them and the prices for these services are going down rather than up.  The free market left to be free, will always increase efficiency and supply ending up with lower prices.

I realize there are passions on either side of any argument and these tend to get personal at times.  It is also hard to persuade one person from a false datum that one has based their life-view on.  Some will not give it up for any reason or facts contrary to the false data. It is almost impossible to do, even if the arguments are kept on a rational rather than emotional level.  An intellectually honest person will try to view facts without preconceived notions and present facts rather than opinions masquerading as facts.

Still we must confront and attack the ideas and try our best not to attack the person.  Attacking the person hardens the position.  Attacking the false data, fixed ideas and destructive ideology will soften their position and eventually bring them to understanding, if they intellectually honest.

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  1. Too many today think that “crony capitalism” is actually capitalism. Crony capitalism is a perversion of capitalism. The marriage of government and business will destroy the country — so if Hollywood wants to hate a capitalist, I suggest GE as a starter — it has gotten totally in bed with the Obama Administration.

    • There were two stories in the news today on F&F, GE not paying any income tax and a girl not knowing what the Pledge of Allegiance is. One person saying that it has become chic to bash America. That GE is getting some bad publicity on the income tax thing is good, unfortunately that gets lumped into “corporations bad” rather than the idea that “government selling influence is bad.”

  2. I have never understood how people who say they are for all the ideals of freedom, etc can turn around and support a Castro, Chavez, or other dictator. I assume they think if they were there they would be one of the elite who would be above the law and in control of things. I assume that would be preferable to being in a free country where they have to bend to the whims of a free market. Or, it is just because they have their heads up their dumb ass?

  3. There needs to be a separation of economics and state for the same reasons there is a separation of church and state.

    Hollywood support for Chavez, Che et al reminds me of the scene from Star Wars where Obiwan tells the storm troopers “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…” Only people that cannot see the ultimate conclusion of actions are fooled by it.

  4. Greg, we all went to see Avatar just after Christmas. I came away thinking it was Dances with Wolves meets FernGully, with stolen ideas from The Matrix (plugging in) and Dinotopia (flying on winged reptiles). The visuals were great, but the storyline was, as you have said, anti-American and Gaia worship–extremely cliche.

    • I am sure these people don’t even realize their message is anti American. They are so immersed in the ideology. They think the sky overhead is revolving around them…when in the opposite is true.

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