Posted by: Ted | January 24, 2010

Why Obama is a Failure as a Leader!

I think everyone can agree he inherited a difficult job but it was a job he said he was ready to handle and sold the American people a bill of goods.  While no one expected him to turn things around immediately they did expect him to follow through on some of the things he could have done.  He didn’t make government more transparent, more ethical and bipartisan.  He did just the opposite.  He took a bad economic situation and made it worse.  His priorities were all wrong, dealing with Healthcare as opposed to dealing with the immediate issue of jobs and prosperity.  Rather than uniting the country he chose to divide it between the haves and the have not’s. 

The bottom line is that he was not ready for the job and it has shown in every speech and appearance he has made.  Sure he delivers a great speech “if the teleprompter is on” but once you get through the fluff you find nothing of substance, just the same old political rhetoric.  His leadership skills are poor at best and if he were a football coach he would be on the way out-of-town hoping to land a new job to rebuild his career.

I am still trying to think of one thing he has done well and it seems so is he. Because rather than talk about his positives he can only whine about the terrible situation he inherited when he took office.

I would give him an F plus and the plus is because he seems to treat his wife and children as a true husband and parent who cares about them.  So the plus is for the man not the job he is doing.
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  1. Sadly, I must agree with you critique. The man is far from the leader the country needs. It is as if he doesn’t take matters that affects Americans seriously and instead tries to further gather favor from the international community. I just read that this bank tax and size reduction plan he proposed, simply for political reasons, is getting more European support than American…and yet Europe supports it but will not implement it on their own banks. He tried to force Healthcare, even go as far as supporting a plan that mandated people had to buy it (which I’m pretty sure is unconstitutional). He misread why Scott Brown won in Mass. and he’s misreading the people’s emotions on the economy. Yes people don’t have good impression on Wall Street but they have less favorable opinion on government who wouldn’t let Wall Street fail last year, in hopes of seizing control of private sectors in the industry (succeeded with GM, Chrysler) but now that the banks have paid off their loans, which Obama and Co. did not want, they are now going to demonize them in hopes that this step will regain independent voters that they need and lost due to healthcare. However not an inch of this will do anything to get America back to work. 10% and rising and all Obama can say is that the trend is likely further to grow. As the great Daffy Duck once put it, “That’s Despicable.”

  2. Good post, Ted. I was just reading something from — an amazing letter written by a leftist professor complaining about Obama. It is absolutely hilarious. Check it out here:

  3. Debby, the professor is absolutely correct for all the wrong reasons. It couldn’t have been said much better!

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