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Tea Party movement — potent force.

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Tea Party movement – potent force.

As the Tea Party nears its first birthday, a lot has been done in a year with more to come as it feels its oats after the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts. In addition to the original reasons for its birth, there continue to be a multitude of reasons for its continued growth due to current Obama policies and many that are currently under the radar. This is from John Loudon over at

The metamorphosis, which has been deliciously organic, has seen it go from street protests, to active demonstrations to serious political action. All along the way, Big Media and Big Political Parties have failed to truly grasp what it is all about…

… Richard Viguerie — legendary conservative activist, direct response fundraising pioneer, and currently chairman of — will deliver the keynote speech at the inaugural Leadership Tea Party training event to be held at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Westin Hotel.. on Friday night January 29, the event will consist of 11 sessions of grassroots leadership training over 14 hours on Saturday and Sunday, January 30-31…

Viguerie, who was hired by William F. Buckley Jr. in 1962 as the director of Young Americans for Freedom, worked for the Goldwater campaign in 1964, pioneered the direct response fund raising techniques that financed the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan, and has been a key leader in the movement for limited government for decades. Tea Party activists of varying levels of political experience, most rigorously eschewing party labels, are hungry to learn the tactics to win on the political battlefield. Like latter day militia men, the Tea Party activists have seen the whites of the eyes of the red coats reds, and they are trading their Microsoft office suite applications for html and eblogger and are training in the dark political arts for the battle that will shape their Country for the sake of their children.

… Ken Emanuelson, one of the leaders of the Dallas Tea Party, which is one of the local tea parties that form the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, is the spokesperson of the inaugural Leadership Tea Party event.

Featured instructors and panelists at the event will include Michael Patrick Leahy, author of Rules for Conservative Radicals, Eric Odom, founder of the American Liberty Alliance, and Bill Hennessy, author of Zen Conservatism and co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party…

The Tea Party gets more and more organized everyday so for those media morons who haven’t been paying attention and have been caught with their pants on the ground, bone up. The Tea Party is here to stay.

… As Emanuelson explains. “The mainstream media has gotten the Tea Party Movement wrong. It’s not about the various national organizations, or even purported national leaders. It’s about the thousands of local tea party organizations that are loosely collaborating to return limited Constitutional Government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility to the United States“.

So, Republicans, pay attention because many voters out there are looking for limited, Constitutional government which advocates free markets and fiscal responsibility. In other words, no more of the slow boat to socialism, no more reckless spending, and no more ignoring the Constitution. Americans are fighting for their children’s freedom. Have you ever seen a mother protecting her child? Well, multiply that by millions, and that’s the potent force of the Tea Parties. Read it all here:

Since the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts, suddenly mainstream media reporters have taken an interest in the Tea Party movement. There’s a convention of sorts in Nashville soon that has excluded all media but Fox News, The Wall Street Journal,, and World Net Daily. This has tended to tick off other members of the press, but as Mark J. Fitzgibbons at The American Thinker says, the right to assemble privately and exclusively is as important as freedom of the press:

What seems to be grating excluded journalists, such as ABC’s Jake Tapper, who was complaining about it on Sean Hannity’s radio show the Friday before Martin Luther King Day, is that the invited media outlets include only those that haven’t bashed, misrepresented, or maliciously distorted the Tea Party Movement, its events, or its adherents.

The right to assemble privately and exclusively is as important in American history as…well, the freedom of the press. Causes that were once unpopular have become mainstream precisely because of the freedom to assemble, which means the freedom to assemble privately if the organizers so wish.

Movements can be stifled or stopped by publicly disclosing certain conversations, thoughts, or plans made in private. Indeed, the government has often sought to interrupt the privacy of peaceable association before causes become too big. Snip –

He reminds the reader that the government tried its best to disrupt the Civil Rights Movement and tried to get lists of members of the NAACP, and that the right to assemble privately harkens back to the Revolutionary War.

Sam Adams, the original tea partier, was a newspaperman. Do you think for one moment he would have invited a reporter antagonistic to the cause of freedom to one of his meetings?

Much of the media have abdicated their watchdog role over corrupt government and have become symbiotic, sycophantic protectors of what the Tea Party Movement opposes.

The Leadership Tea Party training event in Dallas (as mentioned in the previous article) is open to all media, but certain meetings can and will be private or limited in the media’s access to them.

If uninvited media outlets were to attempt to gain access to a conditioned-entry tea party event, they would be trespassing and could be removed. Were those same media folks to attempt to crash an SEIU meeting, they might expect a harsher escort out.

Read it all here:

Another part of what appears to be the media’s, elitists’, urbanites’, academics’ and Democrat politicians’ desires to remake the country is what this author calls the “War against suburbia.” Through the media bashing of Tea Parties, the cultural bashing of suburban residents, the government money flowing from the suburbs into urban coffers, and the push for small cars, high gas taxes and more…there does seem to be something going on. This new threat to Americans’ freedoms will be another reason for the continuing growth of the Tea Party movement. This is from Joel Kotkin at

A year into the Obama administration, America’s dominant geography, suburbia, is now in open revolt against an urban-centric regime that many perceive threatens their way of life, values, and economic future. Scott Brown’s huge upset victory by 5 percent in Massachusetts, which supported Obama by 26 percentage points in 2008, largely was propelled by a wave of support from middle-income suburbs all around Boston. The contrast with 2008 could not be plainer.

Browns’s triumph followed similar wins by Republican gubernatorial contenders last November in Virginia and New Jersey. In those races suburban voters in places like Middlesex County, New Jersey and Loudoun County, Virginia—which had support President Obama just a year earlier—deserted the Democrats in droves. Also in November, voters in Nassau County, New York upset Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi, an attractive Democrat who had carefully cultivated suburban voters.

The lesson here is that political movements ignore suburbanites at their peril. For the better part of a century, Americans have been voting with their feet, moving inexorably away from the central cities and towards the suburban periphery. Today a solid majority of Americans live in suburbs and exurbs, more than countryside residents and urbanites combined. Snip –

For the first time in memory, the suburbs are under a conscious and sustained attack from Washington. Little that the adminstration has pushed—from the Wall Street bailouts to the proposed “cap and trade” policies—offers much to predominately middle-income-oriented suburbanites and instead appears to have worked to alienate them.

And then there are the policies that seem targeted against suburbs. In everything from land use and transportation to “green” energy policy, the Obama administration has been pushing an agenda that seeks to move Americans out of their preferred suburban locales and into the dense, transit-dependent locales they have eschewed for generations. Snip –

…the Obama administration seems almost willfully city-centric. Few top appointees have come from either red states or suburbs; the top echelons of the administration draw almost completely on big city urbanites—most notably from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They sometimes don’t even seem to understand why people move to suburbs.

This is what happens when you bring Chicago to Washington, D.C. The arrogance that has crippled the economies of small towns in Illinois now seeks to destroy the suburbs of the country.

Many Obama appointees—such as at the Departments of Transportation and of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—favor a policy agenda that would drive more Americans to live in central cities. And the president himself seems to embrace this approach, declaring in February that “the days of building sprawl” were, in his words, “over.”

… belief in “smart growth,” a policy that seeks to force densification of communities and returning people to core cities, animates many top administration officials. …

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood revealed the new ideology when he famously declared the administration’s intention to “coerce” Americans out of their cars and into transit. …advocated shifting a larger chunk of gas tax funds collected from drivers to rail and other transit.

In addition, the president’s stimulus—with its $8 billion allocation for high-speed rail and proposed giant increases in mass transit—offers little to anyone who lives outside a handful of large metropolitan cores. Economics writer Robert Samuelson, among others, has denounced the high-speed rail idea as “a boondoggle” not well-suited to a huge, multi-centered country like the United States. Green job schemes also seem more suited to boost employment for university researchers and inner-city residents than middle-income suburbanites.

Suburbanites may not yet be conscious of the anti-suburban stance of the Obama team, but perhaps they can read the body language. Administration officials have also started handing out $300 million stimulus-funded grants to cities that follow “smart growth principles.” Grants for cities to adopt “sustainability” oriented development will reward those communities with the proper planning orientation. There is precious little that will benefit suburbanites, such as improved roads or investment in other basic infrastructure.

There is much, much more at the article. This administration has many cards up its sleeve and so there are many reasons to oppose Democrats at the ballot box. They want to control you. They want to take your money and redistribute it according to their utopian ideas, and those ideas do not include your individual rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. If you’re feeling oppressed, that’s only because you are being oppressed. The Tea Parties will certainly not be going away as more and more of the left’s plans become apparent to Americans at large. Please read it all here:


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