Posted by: Greg Huff | February 2, 2010

Chasing Utopia

Utopia:  a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social condition.

We all would like a Utopia. Everyone strives to reach their own version of it in their own lives and every parent wants it for their children.

We don’t talk about Utopia much in America.  We’ve developed a culture of self reliance and achievement that has made America nearest thing there has been to Utopia.  Nothing is ever perfect and Utopia cannot be achieved.

Certainly we’ve had our troubles in America.  We’ve had riots, murders, massacres, devastation, natural and man-made.  We’ve been through horrendous wars not knowing what the eventual outcome would be.

I do not know the statistics on it but I doubt there can be any other country that has as many soldiers’ graves, with a place of honor, on foreign soil as the United States.  Those are the sons of the United States that gave their “last full measure” so that the United States could remain close to that Utopia all of us strive for.

Of course the leftist/statist in this and other countries, want Utopia as well.  They believe everyone should have it now and should not have to strive, to work, to earn, or exchange for it.  They believe that everyone deserves it by the fact of being human and it is those that work hard to make their own lives a little better for themselves and their children, that are preventing all of the others from achieving it.  And for that they must be brought into line…made to pay the price.

Even though it is the capitalist system that enabled mankind to pull themselves up by the bootstraps to achieve a society that is almost devoid of hunger; where the problem is not getting enough to eat but where being overweight is a problem in the poorer sections of a city.

The statists (or socialist or progressive, or communist or any of a myriad of names used by the statist) believe Utopia will be achieved through forcing those who work hard, who believe in voluntary action and exchange of value for value, to submit to their inferiors and bow down to the god of those without.

The statist is like a virus that infects its host and subverts the mechanisms of valid production, of those things necessary to it’s own survival, to those things that further the promulgation of their own kind.  The statist is very dangerous for a free society.  A free society will go along happily pursuing its own interest not paying much attention to the radical leftist.  They are noisy and can’t really do anything to hurt us.  They’ll just pay him to go away.  But the statist is an implacable enemy.  They will only give ground when it is in their strategic interest to do so.

I mentioned that the left is like a virus.  Take that to heart.  Our natural defenses are being shut down as a country leaving us vulnerable to other infections or outside forces.

Is it not the left that advocates open borders to let anyone in; even those that would kill us?  Treat enemy combatants as criminals with no follow up on intelligence gathering?  Why is it they want murders to live (anti-death penalty) but are advocates for abortion?  They do not want spending cuts to bring down deficits but want tax hikes on the “rich” (read productive) to pay for the overspending thereby lowering our capacity to earn.

The brightest hope in this (now) sickly society is the Tea Party Movement, which is injecting an anti-viral into the veins of the Republic. So the Republic is rallying. The virus has been slowly taking over the mechanisms of state for 50 years or so however.  It will take a prolonged series of these anti-virals to stave off eventual death by systematic organ failure or a deathblow by Jehadists due to our weakened state.

I encourage you all to support the Tea Party Movement so we can eliminate the virus entirely and become what our founding fathers wanted: a free society.  With that in place the United States will some time in the near future become something almost indistinguishable from Utopia.

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  1. Good post, Greg. I particularly like your description of the statist as a virus. How very true and it has done much of its work insidiously while most Americans weren’t paying attention.

    The media has increased the strength of the virus by not reporting on it…it would be like a doctor seeing something during a physical but not following up. I think Americans were shocked into reality after Obama won and the “stimulus” was passed. Now, we’re starting to fight for our lives.

    • Thanks Deb,

      Yes, the media is key. It is like the Aids virus going after the immune system. The media is supposed to be the watch dog, the sentinel to warn of government corruption and Constitutional malfeasance. This is a vital target not to take out, but to co-opt and put to use as an agent in their service.

  2. Yes, Americans were asleep or just not paying attention but that’s what hard working, family raising, honest Americans do. They don’t take or have the time to rally against the threats until it becomes necessary. Well, it’s necessary now and they are paying attention and acting.

    Not only has the media increased the strength of the virus, our government education has played a large part in the infection as well. You can also add Political Correctness or the PC police to that list. I believe we began the anti viral treatment just in time but we can’t feel we have gotten over the infection and let up on the treatment. The Tea Party movement is the right treatment for what ails this country and we must continue to support them.

    • Thanks for the comment Beth. The public at large was not asleep I don’t believe, but certainly unaware. They were living their own lives, pursuing their own form of happiness and of course many bought into the philosophy of the left without thinking through to the logical conclusion of that philosophy.

      I think what has to be stressed is: Pursue your happiness but take the responsibility to know the principles that made that pursuit possible and be constantly alert and vigilant for the enemies of those principles.

  3. I got that Ted. I don’t disagree with what you said. But I was using the definition of “a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social condition.”

    Even in such a society there would necessarily be an imperative for personal success and struggles to achieve a goal but it would be without the damper put on us by government rules, regulation and corruption.

    I believe you are using a definition of Utopia as a paradise without need of any struggle. That is certainly the definition that leftist use. If it were ever achieved then it would have been hell getting there and it would certainly be hell remaining. A world without any struggle would be akin to the “heaven” dramatized in the Twilight Zone episode. That in many cases is the problem with kids growing up rich without parental demand that those kids make their own way and achieve their own success.

    Our laws, government and social condition as laid out in the Constitution is, as I said in my piece…about as close to Utopia as we are likely to get. So, I think we are talking about the same thing.

  4. Greg, I would argue that self reliance and achievement is far better than what most people would hold out as being Utopia. The stories and experiences that come with the journey to achieve personal success, at the end of the day, is better than having success given to us without experiencing that journey. In life, it is not all good things in life that one remembers, it is the strife, the times we were challenged and how we met those challenges that stick with us in our memory. To be provided with “Utopia” would rob us of the education we receive from real life experiences and make us as ignorant as a self absorbed narcissistic fool. Our forefathers gave us a Constitution that recognized the gift of the pursuit of happiness versus the establishment of a socialistic utopia. That difference is what has made this country great. The difference is what we have here versus what Hugo Chavez is trying to establish in Venezuela. God Bless America!

  5. […] Not the same phenomena. The condition you are describing is what I would call a fixed idea, which is based in false data. I run into this a lot with leftist, statists etc. who believe that more government will result in some sort of  a utopia where all will be free and cared for and prosperous…The fact that the policies implemented to bring this about results in hell on earth never seems to hit home despite numerous examples in history. (See my essay “Chasing Utopia”) […]

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