Posted by: Ted | February 4, 2010

Fools have Freedom of Speech Too.

I must say I am perplexed as to where I stand on the Sarah Palin’s comment regarding Rahm Emanuel’s use of the R……. word.  Yes, I can see why in her situation she would be upset but if we are against others freedom of speech then we fall into the same camp as the liberal word police and have no right to complain when they do the same.  She would have done more, in my opinion, had she said that she was offended and felt many American’s would be offended as well but respected his right to use the language he feels comfortable with.  That the language he feels comfortable with tells more about the man than some argument over whether he should resign or not.  I agree, he is a fool and his language is one more indication of it, but to become the word police is not the way for a constitutionally principled conservative to respond.  She made a good statement when she said that, in her opinion, the R…. word should fall into the same unacceptable category as the N…… word and left it at that.  We are already seeing the government gain control of our language through hate speech legislation and we should be careful to not allow ourselves to be lead down that path any further.  The use of speech is a duty for a society to manage it is not something that government needs to have its claws into.  As always, I am interested in the comments of those who might feel otherwise or as well as those who might even agree.
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  1. Political correctness is an invention of Marxists. Just another way of criticizing everything (Critical Theory) as a way to tear down the culture and society as a whole.

    While I love it when the left gets smacked down with their own invention, and if anyone has a reason to smack them (actually has a number of reasons), Sarah Palin does, the right (and middle and normal Dems) should fight political correctness with their whole being.

    I think Sarah should be cut a little slack if her first inclination is to hit one of theirs. Perhaps next time she should end her smackdown with words such as these: “Hey liberals (progressives, socialists, statists — whatever they’re calling themselves these days) how does it feel to make an innocent mistake in word choice and then all of a sudden think your job might be in jeopardy?Well, welcome to our world. We’re not letting you get away with it until you stop your ridiculous attacks on us.”

    Then perhaps she could go into the history of political correctness (look up the Franklin School.)

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