Posted by: Debby Durkee | February 4, 2010

Republicans must awaken to Tea Party.

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Republicans must awaken to Tea Party.

Robert Tracinski, at the website Intellectual Activist, is following the race in Virginia’s 5th congressional district, where he resides and has been involved in the local area Tea Party movement. The Tea Party put together a debate among the Republican primary candidates for that seat. While initially the Republican Party-backed candidate agreed to attend, he backed out at the last minute.

…like (Florida Governor Charlie) Crist, Republican Party backed candidate Robert Hurt has a record that leaves him open to the charge of being a weak-kneed moderate—most notably a 2004 vote in the (VA) General Assembly for a $1.4 billion tax hike in the budget proposed by Democratic governor Tim Kaine. Hurt supporters point to his conservative record on other issues and dismiss this as “one vote from six years ago.” But it is important to realize why that vote looms so large. The situation Hurt faced in 2004 is precisely what a freshman Republican congressman from the fifth district will face in 2011: congressional Republicans will be pressured to support higher spending and higher taxes for fear that “we will be blamed” for causing a legislative impasse…Snip –

When Hurt backed out of the debate, one of the debate organizers made a life-sized picture of him and put it in the empty seat. Guess what the local newspaper put on the front page? A picture of empty seat with Hurt’s picture in it. Since then Hurt has been a little more respectful to the local tea partiers.

the fear among the tea partiers is that the Republican establishment still doesn’t get it. It has the instincts of any establishment: it is afraid of any competing base of power that is too cantankerously independent and unpredictable. I get the sense that many of them view the tea parties as loose cannons, as interlopers who are interfering in the normal process of political succession within the party. They don’t realize that this is a year in which an endorsement from the party establishment doesn’t work for you—it works against you. Snip – 

At the January 22 debate, Mark Lloyd described what the tea party movement means for the existing political establishment. Referring to Scott Brown’s recent victory in Massachusetts, he said, “If you paid attention to what’s happened this week, there’s just a little message to those in the government, in the established parties: we’re comin’ to get you.”

The tea party supporters are people who want to support the Republican candidate—and boy do they want to defeat Tom Perriello. But they have been disappointed too often by Republican politicians who toe a small-government line in Farmville (and yes, that really is the name of a town in the fifth district) while voting for bailouts and big spending when they get to Washington. As candidate Mike McPadden put it, “We had a conservative movement in 1994, and it was over in six months. In twelve years, while the so-called conservatives ran our House of Representatives…look where we are after 12 years from 1994 to 2006. Are we better off? No, we are not…. We will get it right this time, if we send people to Washington who are serious about cutting taxes and cutting the size and growth of government.”

The Republican establishment needs to wake up to this message in time and show that they really are listening and responding to this pro-free-market, pro-liberty groundswell.

Let’s hope they get this message because lots of people are in the mood of “throw all the bums out and let’s start from scratch.” If Republicans would start listening to the people and start talking about what’s really bugging most of them, they would be in good stead for election and/or reelection. People are skeptical that anything has changed in the minds of already established candidates. If they want to win, they must not take tea partiers for granted. Read it all here:

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  1. I think your comment as to how establishment Republicans see Tea Party candidates is right on. They feel they are intruding on their rights to succession to the post of leadership within the party and resent having to work to remain the candidate of choice. It is time we do as was state in the article; we will get it right this time, if we send people to Washington who are serious about cutting taxes and cutting the size and growth of government. That message needs to be heard loud and clear and it needs to come from Republicans and Democrats alike, those who value the free enterprise capitalistic system that will again bring prosperity to America.

  2. Yes, they certainly do feel like they’re intruding where they shouldn’t be. Just another of those huge obstacles in the way of taking the country back. This will be a long, hard-fought battle…but it is necessary. The status quo is over…it’s gotta be.

  3. I am sympathetic with the frustration that Tea Partiers have concerning the status quo.

    However a recent CBS poll shows that 90% of Tea Partiers think that taxes have gone up or stayed the same under President Obama. Only two percent think they went down. The simple reality is that for 95% of working families, taxes have gone down.

    But only 2 percent of the people in a movement about taxes and named for a tax revolt have the slightest idea about what is going on – with taxes.

    How can they have anything useful to contribute when tmost of them so demonstrably don’t know the facts about what is a central issue of the movement?

  4. The problem with your comment is that Tea Partiers know that their taxes will go up because of the outrageous path President Obama and his Congress has put us on. It doesn’t take a brilliant policy maker to realize that one + one = two. Spending and borrowing. Spending and spending and spending = higher taxes down the line.

    Health care alone — Obama finally admitted will raise everyone’s premiums…what’s that? Oh, maybe a tax?

  5. I just read this. Also, in effect the fact that the Fed is monetizing the debt will ensure that when the economy recovers hyper inflation will kick in along with higher interest rates which is in effect another tax. Also if the EPA follows through on it’s threats to regulate carbon, this will be another tax on the middle class though it will be hidden in the meteoric rise in fuel prices and thus all goods and services.

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