Posted by: Ted | February 9, 2010

Please Explain it to Me Mr. Obama!

We are told by our President that we don’t support his spending policies on health care because he didn’t explain it to us well enough.  Yet he was on TV most days trying to explain it to us.  He sees it as the American people’s ignorance of objective truths that has caused their rejection of the programs he peddles to remake society.  We are now told by Mr. Obama that the American people are frustrated that no progress has been made on his legislative initiatives and nothing seems to be further from the truth.  The American people seem to regret the legislative spending programs that have been passed and want less intrusion into society by an overreaching government.  So based on current trends at the election booth, the question to be answered is who is it that doesn’t get it, the American people or Mr. Obama? 

The following is a great article that gives exceptional insight into what Mr. Obama is attempting to inflict on American society.

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