Posted by: Ted | February 11, 2010

Real Tax Cuts Are Like Pulling Teeth To Democrats

The concept that free people making individual economic decisions could be in the best interest of the country just goes against everything that Democrats believe in. Sure, they talk about tax cuts but most of those come in some form of targeted tax credit that can be obtained only if you do what they want you to do. They’re misconception of how a free market operates is in every piece of legislation they propose and have passed. Job creation in free market primarily comes from entrepreneurs who by nature want to do things their way. These entrepreneurs started a business to do something they wanted to do and making money, may or may not be the primary priority. Many entrepreneurs that I have talked to over the years are in it for very different reasons than just making all the money possible. Many are in it just because they don’t want to work for someone else or they want to be in-charge of their own time. Many have families and want to build something that will keep the family together, working to build something for future generations. Yes, they do have to make money to stay in business but their priorities aren’t just always about money. Why that is important is that people such as these are not totally controlled by tax credits that require them to act in someone else’s interest. If they do act as the legislation calls for them to, they make it work for their own interest and that often works out as an unintended consequence for the government bureaucracy. The thing Democrats and politicians in general fail to comprehend is that the chaos of a free marketplace is beyond their control. If they are truly interested in doing the right thing when it comes to tax cuts they should give the people the money to do with as they see fit. In the long run it will work out the best for the individual and society in general will be the biggest winner, as that money will find its way to its highest and best use. Failure to understand economics has always been the Democrats downfall because what looks good on paper doesn’t perform as intended in the chaos of a free marketplace. Why do you think they are trying to socialize the health care system? A centrally controlled socialistic system gives them more power in getting citizens to act as they demand, It works so well in Cuba you know!
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