Posted by: Ted | February 19, 2010

Democrats In Search of Victories!

*Joe Biden says that the war in Iraq could be one of the Obama Administrations greatest victories – We all need some of what he’s been smoking!  Not even the liberal loons on the far left are grasping that one.  But, taking credit for what others do is one of their major accomplishments so far.

*Both Obama and  Biden spent Wednesday trying to sell the success of the stimulus debacle.  Telling us about all the jobs they created and saved.  Even the mainstream media had a difficult time taking their rhetoric serious.

*Tax Cuts for 95% of Americans, the talk about fiscal restraint and then they propose and/or pass the largest stimulus, budget and jobs bills the country has ever seen.  Even if they don’t raise taxes, by putting more money in the economy they are in effect, using inflation of the money supply to finance their ill conceived programs.  Yet, they continue to take credit for their fiscal responsibility and aiding the lower levels of society.  The only credit they deserve is credit for the majority of the people who the duped into electing them to office in the first place.

*Health Care Legislation, one of many failed proposals of the Obama administration, Thank God for that!  Their inability to give government greater control over health care and our lives should be touted as one of their greatest accomplishments. While they continue to look for something to pass so they can claim a hollow victory.  Or, it may be that they will soon spin it as bringing the issue to the American people and creating the great debate while white washing their objective of perpetrating its destructive consequences on the American economic system.

*Cap & Trade Legislation, even with the discrediting of the global warming data, they continued to push their radical agenda to tax Americans to spread the wealth to poor nations.  Nations run by dictators who use the money they get from American tax payers to build their military arsenals to defeat the people we say we are trying to help.  No accountability seems to attached to that money, the same way it is not attached to welfare money being spent here at home.  If things go as they did with the Iraq war, we may soon hear the Obama administration taking credit for saving billions of tax payer dollars by recognizing the great global warming hoax.  Talk about spin, these guys can do a spin that would make most ice skaters at the Olympics jealous. 

*Control of Spending to avoid inflation, the only reason inflation has not reared its ugly head is because they have destroyed the economy to the extent there is no demand for goods and services.  They will take credit for fiscal responsibility and how their policies have restrained inflation as the unemployment numbers continue to rise.

*They are taking credit for saving the banks and the auto industry while both continue to suffer under undue regulation and miss management, yet they claim it as a victory none the less.  Yes, they blame the Bush Administration for the problems and the TARP was a bad thing but at least that money has been paid back by the banks and the program has made a slight profit.  The Auto Industry bailout, or Labor Union Bailout, is far from any kind of success but it is touted as a great jobs savior while the Auto Industry itself continues to unravel.

*Bipartisanship was the promise but by not reaching out and by saying we won you lost they have turned even liberal Republicans, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, against their socialistic policies and programs.  Now that things have changed, Obama believes he needs them and his rhetoric has softened.  We wait to see how they plan to stuff bipartisanship down the throats of conservatives and pick off a few left leaning Republicans to push through their liberal agenda.

*Their stupidity in government has lead to the founding of the Tea Party movement, one of the greatest citizen revolts since the founding fathers resisted oppressive British rule in 1776.  While they haven’t tried to take credit for that yet, it is just a matter of time.  The message line for Democrat policies was most clearly stated by the ever famous Senator John Kerry and his faithful sidekick Senator John Edwards, when they say, “they were against the Iraq war before they were for it”.  They are leaders who fail to lead and then when they see the crowd moving in a certain direction, they jump out in front and try to take credit for what others have created.

*The primary accomplishment of the Obama administration in his first year in office, is a failure of leadership and the inability to understand that the American people expect more from their leaders than pompous rhetoric! 

*Let’s just Thank God we’ve dodged the bullet of radical hope and change, at least for the moment!  Now is not the time to let our guard down or we still might wake up with a country far different than the one we still have.

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