Posted by: Ted | February 23, 2010

It’s Always A Good Day To Raise Hell and Kick Ass!

Several individuals, so called conservatives, have spoken out about Glen Beck’s berating of the Republican’s at the CPAC convention.  While you may or may not like what Beck said, I think the dialog that is now occurring is good for the Republican Party and Constitutionally Principled Conservatism in general.  The problems that Republicans had in the past is that elected officials in the Republican party went along in lock step with Party leaders and a Republican President.  Instead of sticking to principles, they co-opted Democrat spending policies and worried more about retaining power as opposed to using it to enhance their conservative principles, assuming they had such constitutional principles. 

 Prior to 1994 Republicans were a great party in opposition but once elected they got hooked on the taste of power and money.  As conservatives, we need to be ruthless in our opposition to that kind of thinking and those actions.  Progressivism is our outward enemy but the enemies from within can prove the most dangerous.  The argument will not be won when or if Republicans regain power, as the fight must continue the move toward our founding principles, which are embodied in the elements of freedom and personal responsibility.  Overturning the policies of the past 100 years of progressive failures will not be easy, it will take brave men and women who stand for something far greater than just being elected again and again.  The re-education of Americans on the principles of freedom is what must occur.  Rolling back the clock on socialism will be difficult and sacrifices on each of our part will be required but those sacrifices will be much less now than it will be if we continue down the progressive road toward our ultimate demise.  Our thought leaders have a responsibility to provide us with various opinions and need not be in line step with any politicians just because they are Republicans.  These thought leaders need to provide barometers of opinion from which politician can position themselves with the best political ideas that will take us where we need to go.  Had we had this kind of emotion and thought leadership in the past, maybe we could have avoided the Bridge to No Where and politically costly earmarks in general, the Ted Kennedy education disaster, Medicare’s prescription drug plan that we can’t afford and even some of the Patriot Act when we allowed the fear for our safety to override our desire for freedom.  The media on the left has lost its credibility because it is obviously in the pocket of the Democrat Party.  They hold themselves out as a news media but are seen by most informed Americans, as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.  Democracy and our Representative Republic needs to have politicians who fear the media who hold their policies up to be scrutinized by the people they serve.  Politicians in general need to be brought down a notch and realize they work for the people and not the other way around.  True Constitutionally Conservative Principles are based on elements that may seem brutal in today’s society but that is only a surface look,  It seems harsh to not be willing to give a helping hand to those in need but if you make them dependent on that hand you do them more harm than good.  The hand of charity is best delivered by those who will require responsibility of those being helped.  It is not about trying to give someone dignity it’s about them earning dignity by digging their way out of the hole that they created for themselves.  The past 100 years of Progressive thinking and bureaucratic actions have not accomplished that, it has taken us backwards as opposed to forward and that must change.  So if feelings get hurt or political parties get offended by words such as those stated by Beck, so be it.  It is not about the party it’s about the principles and if we lose sight of that we are just another bunch of losers on the road to destruction.  America needs to be a beacon of hope for free men and women to act in their own self interest with minimal governmental interference in their pursuit of happiness, as they define it.  To accomplish that end, we must continually be on the lookout for those who wish to rule us, as oppose to serve us and be prepared to quickly purge the cesspool of political elitism.
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  1. Great post, Ted. Yes, the backlash against Republicans is totally deserved. Rush said “The Era of McCain is over,” and then today Mitt Romney endorsed McCain. A great many of the high ranking Republicans don’t really get it yet. McCain and Huckabee screwed Romney over in WV during the nominating process — so what did Romney owe him? We want a big tent in the Republican party, but we want it to be full of those who know the Constitution, will follow the Constitution and who understand that what’s best for the country is a limited government. Americans out here get it — do those in government?

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