Posted by: Ted | February 25, 2010

Obama Care and The Hummer!

Yesterday GM announced that it is shutting down its Hummer brand and today Obama should be telling the world he is shutting down his behemoth, Obama Care.   These two brands have so much in common it is almost frightening, both were bad ideas from the start and neither really ever caught on with the public.  The major difference is that the consumers got to make the decision about the Hummer as its sales went down the tube and a buyer couldn’t be found to take it on.  Obama Care has gone down the tube with consumers but as with many government programs, bureaucrats are willing to continue to sink good money after bad to continue to force a failed idea on the American public.  We need to let our politicians know that Obama Care is a bad idea that needs to die and if they fail to let it, they need to pay the consequences for their bad behavior. 

On another car note, the president of Toyota was on capitol hill explaining how he handled the safety recall of over 8.5 million cars worldwide.  His appearance started with an apology for concentrating on sales at the expense of quality and safety.  The irony is that much of the economic mess that we are in today are directly related to the failed handling of the mortgage market through the bad decisions by the folks of Fannie and Freddie, along with the failed oversight of regulators who defended their bad behavior.  As of today we have not yet received so much as an apology from any of those losers, yet they are the ones who are scrutinizing Toyota.

Government has a role but it should not be the role of handing out favors or trying to usurp the free market.  Calling Toyota to account for its deeds may be a reasonable action of government.  The question you must ask yourself is, what do these hearings really accomplish beyond providing a forum to those seeking the public eye? What government should not do is distort the marketplace by injecting itself into it by redistributing taxpayers money to projects they deem worthy.  That behavior, like a drunk after his first drink leads to destruction, for the drunk and those around him.  Good government requires restraint of its powers, which is the ability to stand back and allow the free market, through consumer action, to dictate the winners and losers.  To do otherwise will lead us down the same path we have gone with Fannie and Freddie, good intentions by greedy fools with power is a recipe for disaster.
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