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Obama’s priorities and the backlash to them.

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Obama’s priorities and the backlash to them.

Today the focus is on President Obama and his priorities, which, to a normal American, seem out of whack with what he should be prioritizing. The backlash to his priorities began about a year ago with the advent of the Tea Parties, but nothing seems to be able to sway this ideologue from his intention to cram his radical agenda down the throats of the American people.

Obama’s perverse priorities.

Jed Babbin over at Human Events doesn’t beat around the bush in this column which tries to understand why Obama does what he does. His conclusions are similar to mine: Obama’s agenda has nothing to do with defending and protecting the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s all about “transforming” the country. In every normal thing an American president might do to help the country, he seems to do the exact opposite.

The problem isn’t that our government isn’t working: it’s that President Obama’s agenda is entirely perverse. It reverses the essential order of priorities, devoting the energy of government exclusively to his plans to revolutionize our country.  

Since last June, congress and the White House have been consumed by President Obama’s plan to impose government control on our healthcare system.  With time outs for the occasional earthquake or celebrity scandal, their attention has been drawn from more important issues, and of our most precious asset — time — nine months have been wasted and cannot be recovered.

Consider the new CNN poll on the manufactured healthcare “crisis.” Released February 27th the poll shows that 48% of Americans believe that the massive 2,000-plus page legislation should be scrapped and that Congress should start over.  Add to that the poll’s finding that 25% believe that Congress should stop working on healthcare altogether and you have 73% of Americans proving once again that Americans are usually smarter than the people they elect to lead them.  Snip –

Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid have created their own healthcare crisis by having invested so much time on the legislation.  They can’t put it on the back burner now without admitting that the Tea Partiers and Republicans have won.  So at least until the Easter recess on March 29, they’re going to waste even more time on it.  Obama insists that they do.

Why does Obama insist on continuing down the health care road? Babbin has a couple of answers.

…First is the president’s revolutionary agenda which aims to change America, not fix its problems.  Obama is not your grandfather’s president: he came to office with a radical agenda and nothing is capable of diverting him from it, regardless of the urgency.  Second is the pent-up liberal anger that voices itself in Nancy Pelosi’s war against our intelligence agencies and her (and the president’s) willingness to sacrifice the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats in order to achieve Obama’s agenda.  Snip –

Obama’s agenda has two defining characteristics:  increased government control of the economy resulting, intentionally, in reduction of personal freedoms; and bringing about the end of America’s position as a superpower by reducing our defenses and alienating our allies.  Snip –

It is the perversity of the Obama agenda that makes nationalizing healthcare more urgent than removing government obstacles to economic recovery, declaring neutrality in the UK-Argentina dispute over the Falklands more urgent than maintaining the British presence in Afghanistan.

Our system of government isn’t broken.  But our leadership is.

The White House is scheduled to unveil yet another new version of Obamacare on Wednesday.  I can hardly wait.

It’s all about him. “I’m the president,” which translates into screw you, America. I’m doing what I want. You just sit down and shut up. Americans caught on pretty early, which is why the Tea Parties are already a year old. From the look of the polls, the country is awakening. Read it all here:

American exceptionalism backlash.

If we get what drives this president from the previous column, Rich Lowry seems to nail what is driving the Tea Parties’  equal and opposite reaction to Obama’s policies. Americans don’t want to lose their exceptionalism; don’t want to be like Europe; don’t want a big government lording over us. This is from the New York Post.

Big government became a cultural issue. The level of spending, the bailouts and the intervention in the economy contemplated in health-care reform and cap-and-trade created the fear that something elemental was changing in the country — quickly, irrevocably, without notice.

Obama has run up against the country’s cultural conservatism as surely as Clinton did. But Obama is encountering its fiscal expression — the sense that America has always been defined by a more stringently limited government than other advanced countries. It’s an “American exceptionalism” backlash. Snip  —

The left has long been scandalized by our cussed differentness. Progressive intellectuals last century looked to alternative foreign models like Bismarck’s Germany. You can hear the same plaint in contemporary liberalism: Why can’t we be more like them — like the French, like the Swedes, like any people with a larger, busier government overawing the private sector and civil society?

Obama is answering the call. Spending is sneaking up to European levels — an estimated 44 percent of GDP this year — even before the baby boomers retire. He seeks to give us European-style health-care, energy and labor policies.

Abroad, Obama has often displayed a dismaying defensiveness about his country. He appears to have an allergy both to US power and to the word “democracy.” His foreign policy is humble without being idealistic, and therefore something altogether new. In John Bolton’s pungent phrase, he’s a “post-American president.”

All of this has created a roiling reaction. The ground troops of this revolt aren’t the Christian right activists of 1994. Instead, they are tea partiers driven by the growth of government. Their catchphrase of “taking back the country” isn’t an appeal to power so much as a clarion call to preserve the foundations of the country’s distinctiveness. The debt, for them, isn’t just about fiscal probity but our way of life.

Americans are not going to go quietly while Obama and his ilk attempt to bring the country to its knees. Remember when he said at the Republican meeting a few weeks ago that he was no ideologue? That was met with laughter, then he said, “I’m not.” One does have to wonder what goes on in a liar’s head. He says things like he believes them, but they are so absurd that it doesn’t seem possible that he could say them with a straight face. I think that’s called the “big lie.”


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  1. What a profound statement, “Our system of government isn’t broken, but our leadership is”! The leadership, or lack there-of, which we have today is making me reminisce about Jimmy Carter. While he was an utter failure as a president I don’t recall him being arrogant, a bit stupid but at least not arrogant about it. Reagan on the other hand was a leader who lead us to prosperity by unleashing the America spirit. His greatness as a leader was to remove the restrictions on private enterprise and empower the people by increasing opportunities for producers. His understanding of leadership is what provided many years of prosperity, a leader is only as good as the people he must depend on to get the job done. Obama sees government as the answer where Reagan saw government as the problem. Still, as long as we don’t allow our basics of the system of government to be changed we will have a fighting chance to battle back from the abyss of an overreaching government.

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