Posted by: Greg Huff | March 7, 2010

Will the Unborn Save Us From Obama Care?

We live in dangerous times. Though I have lived through, now, Presidents, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush; never have I seen any administration so bent on destroying the country and the way of life we have known. We are at a precipice and the Democrats continue to push us further toward the abyss.

If you ever saw the 1997 movie Absolute Power, there was a scene in it where the daughter of the protagonist, has parked near a cliff. The Presidents corrupt Secret Service agents come up behind her car and start pushing it toward the edge. The big SUV was irresistible. The girl in the car knew she was headed toward her death. Frantically pushing on the breaks could not stop the overwhelming power of the huge black all-wheel-drive Federal vehicle and the much smaller automobile plunges over.

For the past year we have seen the danger of the reckless policies of this administration and the congress that is simpatico with it. The American people, through the Tea Parties and other means, keep pressing on the brakes and though we’ve slowed it down, it has not been stopped. We’ve told congressmen and senators in town-hall meetings to stop spending, stop cap and tax, stop socialized med…I mean “Health care Reform” or “Insurance Reform” and just generally…STOP SPENDING.

Now Health care Reform is back on the legislative agenda, despite Brown being elected in Massachusetts becoming the 41st vote in the Senate. Bills have been passed in the House and the Senate but these have not been merged in a conference committee. What the President needs now (the way I understand it) is for the House to pass the Senate bill as is. But the votes are not there to pass it currently. One of the reasons is Bart Stupak and about twelve other congressmen that oppose abortion funding by the federal government, which they believe the Senate bill will authorize.

So far these stalwart congressmen have thwarted the push to have the House vote on and pass the Senate bill though there are promises to fix the Senate bill in the “Reconciliation process”. Of course this promise is hollow because once the House passes the Senate bill it is a fait accompli. There will be no need for “Reconciliation” because it is done. The Stupak caucus has so far stood firm in their determination to vote “No” on the Senate bill.

If the bill goes down in defeat, all unborn children will be the heroes in this drama. The remainder of the Obama big government agenda will also be defeated and they will have saved the entire population from the oppression of the government and eventual enslavement of a nation.
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  1. We are certainly cursed to live in “interesting times.” I hope those pro-life Democrats stick to their guns. Obama wants this so badly he can almost taste it. He will not stop. I’ve never been afraid of my government before. I certainly am now.

    I attended a Tea Party rally in Wilmington with Beth and Ted on Friday. A really good turnout — across the street were “astroturf” Obama supporters who knew we were going to be there. Once lunch time came, they dwindled away. Guess they wanted their free lunch (literally and figuratively.)

    He has to buy people off…guess that’s what the TARP funds that have been repaid are being used for now…a big slush fund to pay for votes. That’s just a portion of what we are up against.

  2. I believe “to live in interesting times” is an Irish curse. Yes, I don’t put anything past these statist bastards. Buy ’em off or worse.

    But Nancy says dems have lots of things in common with the “tea ba…I mean nice tea party people”.

    The wusses have given way to thugs.

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