Posted by: Debby Durkee | March 16, 2010

Liberty is finite.

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Liberty is finite.

This is a focus on what is truly at stake in the passage of the monstrosity known as the health care bill.  The newly elected Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, is someone who knows the law and the Constitution. He sees what our country loses, not just our economy, but something more important  –  liberty.

Under the guise of improving health care, supporters of health care centralization are proposing to redefine the relationship of citizens to the state. Historically, in the American social compact, government has served as the agent of the people, deriving its sovereignty from the consent of the governed.

With “reformed” health care, the federal government will insert itself into every aspect of a person’s life. With the government involved from cradle to grave and at every step along the way, proponents of health care reform would turn the citizen into a mere ward of the state. With the citizen-child now reliant on the government-parent for all aspects of his well-being, the citizen has forever ceded his liberty to the wishes and whims of the federal government.

Regardless of how well intentioned the governmental effort, this enormous loss of liberty is antithetical to America’s founding principles.

The limits on federal power in the Constitution and its first ten amendments were put there by our Founding Fathers not just to protect citizens from those who would take our liberties at the point of a gun, but also to prevent the gradual encroachments effected by those in power who claim to be serving the greater good.   Snip –

The entire endeavor is inconsistent with the notion of a limited federal government. Furthermore, the coercion of individual citizens and the co-opting of state legislatures violate the plain text of both the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

Proponents of liberty must use all of the tools the Constitution provides to defend against this onslaught on our liberty. Snip –

While the nation’s “economic pie” can be grown through good economic policies, the “liberty pie” is a zero-sum game — it doesn’t grow or shrink — and there are only two slices: government power and citizens’ liberty. If the current notions of centralized health care are enacted, government’s raw power over citizens’ lives will increase, and their liberty will be reduced by the same amount.

The bottom line is that fighting the further centralization of health care isn’t just about money, it’s a fight to preserve liberty, and it’s a fight worth having.

For me, I will stand for liberty.

It’s good to see the heart of liberty still beating in someone in a position of power to actually point out where it’s threatened. This is what keeps me up nights, so this column deserves to be spread far and wide. Let’s all stand for liberty. Read it all here:


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  1. There has to be as much intensity in our protests against this and other bills as there has been to pass them. Trouble is many of these intrusions on our liberty (The Americans with Disabilities Act for example) all seem to be benevolent … acts of kindness of the people toward those less fortunate. Each of them inched us forward to this point where benevolence becomes intolerable tyranny.

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