Posted by: Debby Durkee | March 20, 2010

Tainted process, horrific results.

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Tainted process, horrific results.

It’s hard to know which is worse in the latest and greatest lunacy in Washington, D.C., as the contemptible Democrats continue to try to force-feed a monstrous health care bill to the American people. The process appears to be unconstitutional, and is immoral and probably illegal. The substance is downright bad for your health, the health of the economy and the health of the country as a whole. Today we’ll look at both. Who could possibly think this bill and the way they’re trying to pass it are good ideas?

Will Democrats stop at nothing?

Matt Patterson has written an excellent piece in the Baltimore Sun fearing those in charge in Washington, D.C., who would go against the will of the American people and continue to ram this abomination of a health care bill through the House with no regard to anything except their will to power. This “ends justify the means” way of governing leaves him, like most Americans, ready to spit fire.

… as of March 8, Rasmussen reported 53 percent against (the health care bill), including 41 percent who strongly oppose. A recent CNN poll found only 25 percent of Americans in favor of the plan, while the balance favor Congress starting over or scrapping work on health care altogether.

… the Democrats have convinced themselves that the public is too stupid to know what is good for them, and that once the bill passes, Congress will be showered with thanks from a grateful nation that suddenly will have discovered what wonders the Democrats have bestowed on them. Has there ever been a more reckless, delusional disregard for public opinion in the history of our democracy?  Snip –

…House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid don’t care; they seem perfectly willing to sacrifice the political lives of their foot soldiers (and in Mr. Reid’s case, his own political career) for the sake of health care reform.

Remember that part in the Constitution that gives the federal government the power to force you to buy something, under threat of fine or jail? No? Oh, that must be because the Constitution contains no such odious provision; in fact, it’s a fair bet that the fellows who gathered in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 would have reacted to such a suggestion with a mixture of horror and laughter. Snip –

Can we be frank? We are worse than dead broke. We are bankrupt. And yet, the Democrats claim they can compel, expand and subsidize health coverage to 30 million more Americans and not make things worse. Does anybody in Washington really believe this? Perhaps, but in the rest of the country, this is seen for precisely what it is: insanity.

If the Democrats are willing to ignore the public, their own political futures, the Constitution and the nation’s empty coffers in pursuit of their health care chimera, my question is this: What won’t they ignore? What legal, moral and political stricture won’t they bend, break or disregard? In short: What won’t they do?

A ruling party willing to ignore these things can conceivably ignore anything. The thought sends chills down my spine, for from such seeds are the flowers of tyranny often sown.

That our governing class would seek to create another trillion-dollar entitlement, even as our state and national governments are awash in red ink as never before and our children are shouldered with unshakable debt before they are even born is more than just disgraceful. It is terrifying.

And yet, they plan to vote for this again on Sunday. This is a government run amuck. Read it all here:,0,7066729.story

Bad results from government health care.

We all know how badly-run anything is by the government, but it’s good to have the facts laid out before you on how bad government-run health care already is to your pocketbook. They don’t even have to look to Massachusetts to see how gargantuan and dysfunctional government-run health care is. Just look at Medicare and Medicaid. This is from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) in the Washington Examiner.

…President Obama’s plan mandates dozens of new entitlement programs and creates scores of new government offices, bureaus, commissions, and programs, all of which will have to be funded, staffed and managed at taxpayer cost.

Moreover, an expansion of the federal bureaucracy at that rate will greatly increase the incidence of waste, fraud and abuse in health care. Already Medicare, which accounts for 14% of all federal spending, is rife with waste, fraud and abuse…

A recent analysis by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimated that federal subsidy programs cost taxpayers about $100 billion every year in improper payments, with Medicare and Medicaid accounting for more than half of that. Harvard Professor Malcolm Sparrow, a specialist in health care fraud teaching at the Kennedy School of Government, has estimated that as much as 20% of the federal health program budgets – or approximately $150 billion – is eaten up by improper payments every year. Snip –

This week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters – and her undecided Democratic colleagues – that the bulk of the cost for the president’s plan will come from recovering wasteful spending in Medicare and Medicaid, an amount she projects will add up to $500 billion over the next several years.

… In 2008, for instance, the Department of Justice recovered a meager $1.48 billion from Medicare and Medicaid fraud through enforcement programs that cost taxpayers $1.13 billion. Once these enforcement costs are subtracted, the government only recovered $350 million. At that rate, it would take the Justice Department more than 1,400 years to recover enough to pay for the president’s plan.  Snip –

Each year, the government spends an average of $927 in administrative costs per person for Medicaid and $509 for Medicare. Private insurance, on the other hand, costs only $453 per person in administrative costs…Snip –

…the Democratic leadership in Congress is more concerned about giving the president a legislative win than they are about giving the American people the kind of responsible reforms they want.

The Democrats (and the Republicans before them for that matter) could have concentrated on fraud and abuse first if they wanted to get it under control, but they really don’t care about saving the taxpayers money. They only care about handing out goodies for votes and their power over you. Issa has been a forthright guardian of the American people throughout this entire process. You can read all of his piece here:


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