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Health care abomination: We must fight.

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Health Care abomination: We must fight.

It’s disheartening. It’s pathetic, but we’re not done yet. We will fight them because we must. This is for our children’s sakes and their children’s. Will we roll over and go back to sleep, or will we show them what Americans are truly made of? I know my answer.

Ryan is not ready to give up.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) says now is not the time to give up the fight. Republicans must become the party of liberty and freedom. The time for RINO’s or Democratic-light Republicans is over. Our country deserves a true opposition party. Remember that as your state primaries approach. Make sure you do your research and vote for the candidate that is most in line with your Constitutional values. This is from Robert Costa at National Review Online.

“We need to establish a set of metrics and benchmarks to measure the sector going forward, keeping a close eye on all of the Democrats’ claims,” (Republican Rep. Paul) Ryan says. “From cost to quality, we will need to be vigilant in making sure that their assertions are actually substantiated with facts, and I have every reason to believe they won’t be.” Repealing Obamacare should be the goal, he says, “but with the political plurality you need to do that — a new president, 60 senators, and a majority in the House — that is a pretty tall order.”  Snip –

(Ryan) believes the GOP has “won the cost argument” on health care. “It is just intuitive,” he says. “We are going to insure everyone else in America and we are going to save money? That just doesn’t add up in people’s minds.”

What also does not add up is President Obama’s confidence that the American people are going to accept his health-care program and the vision it encapsulates — and that debate, Ryan says, has just begun. “Health care is really the issue that speaks to the relationship between the citizen and the government in America,” he says. “It shapes the fiscal trajectory and the economic trajectory. This whole debate has been a proxy fight about what kind of country America will be — whether we’ll become a cradle-to-grave welfare state or stay a free-market democracy. The Democrats who are being told that the worse is over should know that the battle has not even begun. It’s up to us to now bring the case to the American people — a real moral, philosophical, and economic case — asking about our values, our founding principles, and if we really want to move toward a Western European–style system.”  Snip –

Ryan points to how entrenched the government medical system is in Great Britain and how it is so untouchable. He says Obama is counting on that happening here which would make it impossible to repeal.

…“What’s really happening here is the president is saying to the American people that you’re stuck in your current station in life, you’re frozen, and the government is here to help you cope with it. But that’s not who we are. We are a dynamic society where people have the will and incentive to make the most of their lives, to reach their potential. With this bill, that whole mindset, the American idea is upended.”  Snip –

“…As we work to repeal, we must recognize that we’re fighting a different and distorted progressivism. They want to hook people up to entitlements and delegate more power to unelected bureaucrats and technocrats to micromanage the economy — a government full of Peter Orzags. Yet their fatal conceit is also a rational gamble to establish a new culture of dependency.”

In an Obamacare world, what is the GOP’s message? “We need to become the party of liberty and freedom,” Ryan argues. “We’re not doing enough. We can do better, and we will — because we have no choice. If we’re going to offer the country a completely different vision, we can’t be Democratic-lite or resign ourselves to be slightly more efficient managers and tax-collectors for the welfare state. We have to break with that and give people a clear and distinct difference.”

Let’s hope Ryan’s fighting spirit can animate the entrenched Republicans. If it can’t then we must seek primary candidates from young, energetic conservatives who believe “we have not yet begun to fight.” Read is all here:

Heritage: Today’s Intolerable Act.

Remember the Intolerable Acts from your American history books? These were passed after the Boston Tea Party as a punishment for the tea partiers’ civil disobedience. Edwin J. Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation, sees health care reform as today’s Intolerable Act.  These acts were a major contributor to the start of the American Revolutionary War. You can read more about them here: … but here’s Feulner’s take on yesterday’s passing of the intolerable health care bill.

The reason government-run health care has been the holy grail of the left for decades is that liberals realize as much as we do that it is a giant step toward the creation of a European-style welfare state. This is an evolution Americans have always resisted because it is alien to our national character.

If there is one good thing about the past year—one in which we have witnessed unprecedented horse-trading, press stunts, midnight votes and political manipulation in both houses of the U.S. Congress—it is that the American people have come away educated as never before about the differences between these two visions for America. Americans are strongly opposed to this bill not because they have been hoodwinked but because they understand this bill both in its particulars and at an instinctive, gut level.

They understand this health care bill forces individuals and employers to buy insurance policies designed by government bureaucrats. This intrusion is intended to follow us from cradle to grave.  Snip –

You will hear the left say this new entitlement will be popular with the American people. Do not believe them for a second. Yes, 32 million people will gain the theoretical right to health insurance. But over half of that coverage comes from placing at least 16 million more Americans into Medicaid, an unpopular and overextended welfare program that already rations care.  Snip –

In December of 1773, to protest unjust taxation, a group of American colonists dumped tea in Boston Harbor. The punishment for that first Tea Party was a series of intrusive laws passed by Parliament that were so oppressive that they could only be described as the “Intolerable Acts.”

Obamacare is today’s Intolerable Act. And just as the colonists banded together to enact change after those acts were passed, so should America respond to Obamacare. This law must be repealed.

Much of the fight against this bill will be led by the individual states, a process we encourage. All told, 33 states have already taken steps to challenge various aspects of Obamacare, including its unprecedented mandate that every American purchase health insurance or face a steep penalty for noncompliance. Four additional States will have this question on the ballot in November.

On Capitol Hill, the initial battle over Obamacare will occur when Congress considers whether to fund the tens of thousands of new federal bureaucrats necessary to implement the new law. In the tradition of the Hyde amendment, which prevented federal funding for abortions through annual limitations appended to appropriations bills, conservatives should look to the appropriations process as our first line of defense. Straightforward funding limitations would prevent any Administration official or any bureaucrat from implementing the law.

Let’s fight this abomination every way we can. Please read all of Feulner here:

Democrats to America: Drop dead.

Nancy Pelosi and the left-wingers of Congress who brought down the wrath of government on the heads of Americans yesterday, walked through the crowd of Tea Party protesters in defiance of their chant to “kill the bill” – it was a perfect illustration of Democrats’ behavior toward the American people this past year (or longer). Basically, they told Americans to drop dead. This is from the Washington Examiner.

Senate Republicans argue that the House reconciliation bill that makes significant changes in the Senate bill violates the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, maintaining that it should be ruled out of order by the Senate parliamentarian for consideration in the upper chamber. That in turn would mean the only bill the president could legally sign would be the original Senate bill, with its massive funding of abortion and the infamous deals used to buy senators’ votes, including the Cornhusker Kickback. At that point, a constitutional crisis of historic magnitude seems inevitable.

Here’s why: Never before in American history has a measure of such importance been imposed on the country by the majority party over the unanimous opposition of the minority. Democrats have continually sought to create a halo effect for Obamacare by associating it with Social Security and Medicare. But the reality is that both of those landmark programs were approved with strong bipartisan support in both the Senate and House. The Senate vote on Social Security in 1935 was 77-6, with 64 Democrats being joined by 14 Republicans. In the House, the 373 votes for Social Security included 77 Republicans. When Medicare passed in 1965, the 68-21 Senate vote included 13 Republicans, while 65 Republicans were among the 313 affirmative House votes. Such bipartisan consensus was what the Founders sought with the Constitution. But Democrats made a mockery of bipartisanship by shoving Obamacare down the throats of Republican lawmakers and snubbing the popular majority that opposed it. The Democrats have undercut the credibility of the law they created.

Will this reach the Supreme Court? The Examiner editors seem to think it will. I guess time will tell.

…The justices will have multiple issues to consider, including the unprecedented federal mandate that all individuals buy approved health insurance, the undeniable inequity of the many corrupt bargains used to buy votes for the measure, and the banana republic parliamentary tactics used by the Democratic congressional leadership.

Let’s see: We will fight them in the trenches or something like that. Read it all here:

Related: States Attorneys General launch lawsuits:


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