Posted by: Greg Huff | March 22, 2010

Sparring with Facebook Liberals

I have again been trying to reason with a leftist who seems to bow down to government. I will probably stop doing this as it is an exercise in futility. Below is a rant by a friend of a friend I have on Facebook. He seems to be convinced that all Tea Party Members are in agreement with big government Republicans. Current leftist groupthink is that those in the Tea Party movement are racist. I took his one post and broke it up into manageable paragraphs and then commented on his points. His comments are in black, mine in blue.

Folks, I hear the racist comments every day from those professing to be Tea Party members (although I proudly call you Tea Baggers). We want our country back means: Get rid of the black dude (nice version).

This puts you in the same mental and emotional group as those purporting to be Tea Party members who hurl racial or sexual orientation insults. You both are the same, no argument, just epithets.

Get rid of the black dude huh? What did they really say? And in what context? Certainly there are many that still discriminate on the antiquated notion of skin color. Like calling some one a “tea bagger” it shows an ingnorance of the issues and beliefs of the opposing group.

I am starting to be discriminated against at work because of my political beliefs.

Generality, no substance.

Supervisors have copies of that photo of Shrub waving that says “Miss me yet”? Well no, like a hemmorhoid.

Who? Oh! Bush! I get it, very clever. (Psssst…you spell “hemmorhoid”, hemorrhoid.)

I also had some one post a picture of President Obama in a Mao jacket that said “Spread your Wealth”.

Your point? Obama did say this and it is a Communist tenant. This sounds pretty apt to me. He may not be a Maoist but he certainly had one on his staff along with an admitted Communist and one person who was high up in Socialist organization. If it looks like a duck…

Perhaps you missed all of the Hitler references the left hurled at Shrub…I mean Bush. (Wow that is clever.)

I also get emails that say false things about our President.

Generality no substance.

A quick trip to Scopes ALWAYS discredits them, but they are undaunted.

I’ve never heard about Scopes unless you are talking about the mouth wash. You are possibly talking about “Snopes” but I’d think you would know how to spell this if you actually do refer to it.

Also, I get sick of hearing “return to Constitutional government”. Have you already forgotten about Shrubs famous statement that the U.S. Constitution was a “quaint piece of paper”?

You somehow think I must have liked Bush as President or that I should defend that statement. I did vote for him in 2004 mainly because we were involved in two wars and I didn’t want that insipid Kerry (Vietnam veteran, you know.) running away from these fights before they could be actually won.

From my recollection Bush said about the Constitution “it’s a goddamned piece of paper”. Alberto Gonzales said the Geneva Convention is “rather quaint”. Any President that says that about the Constitution is despicable.

At any rate, I did not particularly like Bush, he is a big government Republican which is only marginally better than a big government Democrat. Both parties are bent on spending us into oblivion. The Dems just want to dive in all at once while the Reps would rather wade in to get used to the water.

How he applied “presidential signing statements” to any bill that he felt he did not have to follow?

You have a point here but how is Obama any different?

How Cheney pushed (though three different presidents) his doctrime of executive power (clearly a violation of the intent of the Constitution)?

I have no idea what this means. Please explain. What is a doctrime?

There is a concept at work here: cognitive dissonance. That is the phenomonon whereby otherwise intelligent people cling to a belief despite seeing facts that disprove it.

According to Webster: cognitive dissonance: psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously.

Not the same phenomena. The condition you are describing is what I would call a fixed idea, which is based in false data. I run into this a lot with leftist, statists etc. who believe that more government will result in some sort of  a utopia where all will be free and cared for and prosperous…The fact that the policies implemented to bring this about results in hell on earth never seems to hit home despite numerous examples in history. (See my essay “Chasing Utopia”)

I think that this nation is in deep trouble and no wonder the rest of the world hates or laughs at us.

Wow, you sound like a Tea Party Member…but you need to ask yourself, “Why?” Go back and read the Constitution and find where even a 10th of the bills that have been enacted in the past 50 years are rooted in the Constitution.

You guys always say “Freedom isn’t free”. Well to me that includes that the freedom to make tons of money is not free. Everyone must pay their share. I think it is far more important to take care of the disabled, the feeble, the weak, and those who have no insurance than to dump unlimited amounts of cash into the military industrial complex.

Read Eisenhour’s comments on that, you have Google. And I think is absolutely UN-AMERICAN to use off-shore addresses to avoid taxes. If you have a company in America, pay your taxes. Otherwise get the f out! And let’s stop the outsourcing of American jobs. Clinton signed NAFTA to try to appease the repubs and look what it has done. Ross Perot was right. We don’t make anything in this country anymore other than wealth for greedy corporations who do not share with their employees or country men.

Ok.  Lets see… the above statement is a little disjointed and obviously stream of thought, but I will give it a try:

· According to data from the IRS, the bottom 50 percent of income earners pay approximately 4 percent of income taxes.
· The top 25 percent of income earners pay nearly 83 percent of the income tax burden, and the top 10 percent pay 65 percent.
· The top 1 percent of income earners pay almost 35 percent of all income taxes.
· The top 400 richest Americans paid 1.58% of total income taxes in 2000.

I guess this is not “fair” enough? An honest business is not taking pieces from some imaginary pie, leaving little to be consumed by the rest of us. These businesses actually create wealth making the pie bigger for everyone.

There is nothing in the Constitution about taking care of the poor. It is absolutely un-constitutional. This is the province of charity. Charity is more efficient and capable of delivering aide to those that actually need it than the government that will throw away 40 cents on the dollar in the form of fraud, and waste.

As far as taxes go, if the corporations are doing something illegal then they should be prosecuted. A better solution is lower the corporate income tax. Corporations do not pay income tax anyway; this is built into the price of the product you pay. It is a hidden tax on YOU. But lowering these taxes would bring much more capital into the country of businesses that would like to use the U.S. as a tax shelter.

If you are against outsourcing of jobs, you should be in favor of off shore drilling and drilling in Anwar and in North Dakota. This would be the best jobs bill that could be passed by the Congress. Oh yeah, lowering the corporate income tax would help with that too. The so called environmental movement has done more than any other group to send jobs out of the country.

NAFTA? What has it done?

Military Industrial Complex? I would be more worried about the Congressional Lobbyist Complex. It is the Congress that controls the purse strings. The more regulation, the more there is a need for lobbyist to influence Congress, more corruption of officials and corporations. A vicious cycle. Which is why there is a movement to get back to Constitutional government. Each foray into off Constitutional activity by government is an invitation to more corruption of the entire system. Every problem you brought up is easily solved by returning to governing under the Constitution.


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  1. I later said that words come to mind when reading this guys comments. Rabid and Toxic. He responded that he must have hit a nerve. Well, yes he did. Those that think the product of my labor is theirs to redistribute affect me that way. And calling the Tea Party people “Tea Baggers” is as bad in my view as calling a black guy a “nigger”.

    So, I don’t regret the epithets, though it is not my usual way of dealing with people, even statist.

    He obviously supports the newly passed and so called “Health Care Reform” even though this will raise insurance premiums and taxes and lower quality of care (significantly). Many people will be added to the rolls and many doctors will leave the profession putting greater strain on the system.

    I said I feel sorry for him, and I do. I feel worse for his kids and mine who will have to live a long time under this system if not repealed.

  2. Simply excellent, Greg, but yeah you’re fighting someone ignorant who has no desire to learn the facts. Facts? What are those? Nice try, though.

  3. Nice response Greg. He sounds like he gets his information from left wing websites and then does not fully understand them, but tries to pretend that he does.

    I am guessing that what he was referring to with regard to Cheney and ” his doctrime [sic] of executive power” is question of the unitary executive theory, that says that all executive power is vested in the president. Althought many states are not set up this way (for example, the State Attorney General may be separately elected from the Governor), the U.S. Constitution clearly says in Article II, Section 1 “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.”

    Obviously, since he disagrees with this, the U.S. Constitution MUST BE unconstitutional–according to him “clearly a violation of the intent of the Constitution”. It certainly makes sense to him that the clear wording of the Constitution would be a a clear violation of the intent of the Constitution!

  4. I called him on Facebook a mental midget when he’d previously said “I proudly call them Tea Baggers.”

    He really isn’t very bright. One of my friends on Face book said he must be “either a moron or a child”. I had to laugh.

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