Posted by: Debby Durkee | March 31, 2010

Keep fighting the good fight.

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Keep fighting the good fight.

I recently “unfriended” a couple of Facebook friends. One is a liberal friend that I will keep as a friend (and that’s why I unfriended her in order to do so because we were getting on each other’s nerves) and the other never really was a friend, just someone I vaguely knew in childhood.

The second “friend” was a true leftist in the sense that everything was political to her, and everything must be attacked. Whenever I would simply post an article she could either read or not, she would rebut not the article, which she never read, but the author’s bias or the source of the information. When I would do the same back to her (she used one of the weekly news magazines as her source) saying that her source was left-wing ideologically, she would dismiss that remark as not relevant. She also seemed to be on an obsessive mission to attack the Tea Party Movement, and I could no longer take it.

Today I read a post on a blog about how difficult it has become to be on a certain website after saying you were a Tea Party member or attempting to counter the lies the left is spreading about the Tea Partiers being racist, violent extremists. When a Tea Partier would respond pointing to similar tendencies toward violence which can actually be documented on the left, they were met with a dismissal, either as untrue or not that serious.

That truly is a fairly normal phenomenon when trying to have a discussion with a liberal/leftist. Many times there is no logic, just flat out dismissal of your argument, and it gets tiresome very quickly. One of the posters on that particular website made a very wise observation here:

What the left is really saying is that threats of violence against the center/right does not raise to the level of offense that an identical threat would against people whose politics are left of center. So much for equal protection.

The distance between this attitude and tolerating outright violence and murder directed towards your political opponents is a tenth of a baby step. Mark it well, folks.

A former friend who was left of center and then rocketed even further in that direction upon W’s election would send me all sorts of e-mails limning even the slightest rude or foolish thing done by someone from the center/right. When I finally commented that there were never any posts from him about equally or more egregious violations of human decency from the left, he would either say there were none (cherry picking the facts to prevent contradiction of the narrative), or, presented with examples, would claim that they were “nothing”, even in cases when any rational adult would conclude otherwise (outright lying).

When I realized what this meant in terms of his worldview I found that I could no longer be his friend. In essence, he had determined that his own humanity was in every way superior to mine simply on the basis of his politics. Historically, people like that have a nasty tendency to build concentration camps and populate them with political opponents.

Not “friend” material, I concluded.

That’s what I concluded as well, and that’s I why I unfriended my Facebook friend. Conservatives want to be left alone to pursue their happiness, and leftist/liberals want to be in your face demanding, attacking, and trying to “transform” everything. Well, the Tea Parties are conservatives’ and libertarians’ ways of saying, “Get out of my face and out of my pocketbook, and leave our children alone.” Here’s to all the Tea Partiers and all of those fighting the good fight for liberty.

Glenn Reynolds at received an e-mail from a Tea Partier out in Utah who had a CNN reporter traveling with him. It seems that some at CNN are looking for the real story instead of wanting to be in lockstep with those who would denigrate the movement. This is good news.

…I gave him a tour through our shop and then took him for a drive up the canyon in one of our cars. We talked the entire time. We ended up speaking for about 4 hours. At the end of our conversation, he dropped a bomb, “You know, I decided to come and find the facts about you guys for myself. The facts are the facts. Keith Olberman is way out in left, crazy field! You guys aren’t anything like the media has portrayed you.” I replied, “I know.” He told me he was then going to write a story on the “real” Tea Party people he met on his travels through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

As a bonus, the e-mailer to Glenn Reynolds adds this, and this is really good news for any local mayor trying to get a budget under control.

This morning the Tea Party Express stopped in Provo. We had about 500 people show up. I introduced Mayor John Curtis who was just elected to office (off-year elections for the cities here). He inherited a 5 million budget shortfall. The first thing he did was cut funding for the Miss Provo Pageant. He said they were welcome to have the pageant–just not on the city’s dime. He then asked the city employees to pick 5 guys from each department to figure out where they could save money in the budget–and they DID! He balanced the budget without raising taxes a penny, just like he promised before he was elected. He left his business to run for mayor. He obviously brought his business skills with him…

That’s the all-American can-do spirit that flows through the Tea Party movement. Spread the word, and don’t let the leftists get you down.  Read it all here:


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  1. I don’t blame you. It is disturbing how some progressives seem to ignore intelligent debate and instead want only cheerleading for their insane positions.

    • Thank you, Slamdunk. After awhile you feel like an abused spouse or something, so it’s time to stand up to the bully or leave them fuming as you walk out the door.

  2. Excellent piece Deb. The most annoying thing is to be dismissed or an immediate personal attack.

    It is hard to have dialog when someone is yelling at you, three inches from your nose.

    Like Carl Rove said – the fascism of the left who don’t want dialog and want the 1st amendment rights for themselves but no one else. (Paraphrase).

  3. Greg — Thanks. I’ve seen the Karl Rove video, and it truly is chilling. If a Tea Partier had done anything like that to someone like Joe Biden or Rahm Emanuel’s book signing…we’d never hear the end of it.

    That’s the double standard, and that’s what we must fight back against, because it could become more than just a double standard.

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