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Obama’s foreign policy missteps.

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Obama’s foreign policy missteps.

Obama’s missteps in foreign policy continue to grow. As he continues to literally and figuratively bow to what used to be our enemies and diss what used to be our friends, what kind of world crisis will this weak president bring about? Jimmy Carter enabled Iran’s mullahs and brought about the eventual war on terror.  What future crises will Obama’s catering to Russia and ignoring Venezuela’s growing abuses bring to the fore?

Will Obama get his own Cuban missile crisis?

As the Iranian mullahs perceived Jimmy Carter’s weakness and inspired their boldness in the late 1970s, it seems so do our enemies around the world see Barack Obama. The more Obama gives to Russia the more they flip the United States the bird. Do liberals learn? Kim Zigfeld over at the American Thinker reviews the latest in Russia’s contempt for our country.

Despite Obama’s best efforts, including a unilateral withdrawal of the Bush anti-ballistic missile plan for Eastern Europe, (Vladimir) Putin traveled to Venezuela, shook hands with a beaming Hugo Chávez, and announced (video here) that Russia would provide Chávez with both a nuclear energy capacity and a rocket program, the same as it has done for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran.

In the last five years, Putin has sold Chávez over $4 billion in weapons, from attack helicopters to assault rifles. In a truly unhinged statement, Putin claimed: “Our goal is to make the world more democratic.” By this, Putin meant that undermining American interests and jeopardizing American national security will enhance the power and prestige of his KGB regime in Moscow, something he would like to assert will make the world a better place to live in.

Chávez was less subtle: “The Yankee empire doesn’t want us to have one single little plane. We don’t really care what Washington thinks.”

The same result occurred in regard to Iran. Ignoring Obama, Russia announced that it would go forward not only with finalizing a major nuclear power plant for Iran, but also with providing the rogue state with a missile defense system to ward off an Israeli attack.

So the net result is this: Obama has forsaken the cause of freedom and democracy in Russia and signaled that former Soviet space is now Russia’s playground. In return, he has received the makings of a new Cuban missile crisis in our hemisphere and all-out war in the Middle East.  Snip –

Make no mistake: The Putin regime stands to benefit enormously from turmoil in Venezuela and Iran. Such disturbances, in addition to undermining American power, serve to unnerve world oil markets, driving up prices. Russia, a leading oil exporter, profits directly from such price increases.  Snip –

…That Russians would have the audacity, while supporting Hamas, Iran, and Venezuela, to ask for Western solidarity on terror bespeaks the same sort of unhinged, oblivious nonsense spewed forth from the Russian government in Soviet times.

While Obama gazes at his navel and bad mouths Americans who are against his health care law, he merrily goes along while true trouble for the country continues to brew. Methinks his priorities are misplaced. He thinks his enemies are the Tea Partiers. In reality he needs to look beyond the country. Read it all here:

Chavez continues Venezuela’s descent.

Remember, Hugo Chavez is the man praised by Obama appointee Mark Lloyd (FCC “Diversity Czar”). Lloyd has complemented Chavez’ “revolution” in Venezuela. Doesn’t that make you warm and fuzzy knowing that Chavez has taken over radio and television stations and now the latest: arrested a political opponent for telling the truth. This is a good reminder of the depths to which socialist/Marxist regimes descend. This is from Vaclav Havel in the UK Guardian.

The arrest of Oswaldo Álvarez Paz, a former president of Venezuela‘s Chamber of Deputies (like a chief justice), governor of the Venezuelan state of Zulia, and presidential candidate, should concern the entire world because it demonstrates just how far President Hugo Chávez‘s regime is willing to stray from democratic norms. Snip –

Álvarez Paz has a worldwide reputation for being an honourable man devoted to democratic principles. He has bravely sought to alert the world to the persecution that opponents of Chávez and his regime constantly suffer, as well as to the decline of democracy in his country over the decade of Chávez’s rule. Indeed, his arrest on 22 March is compelling evidence of the truth of his testimony about the regime’s nature, and of the danger that it poses to Venezuelans, whose freedoms apparently are being systematically stripped, and to Latin American more broadly, owing to Chávez’s example to other would-be autocrats.

The seeming trigger for Álvarez Paz’s arrest appears to have been his statements on Aló Ciudadano (Hello Citizen), a talk show broadcast by the private TV Channel Globovisión. Álvarez Paz commented on a resolution passed by the National Court of Spain (Audiencia Nacional de España) about alleged relations between the Venezuelan government, the Colombian guerilla group Farc, and the Spanish terrorist group Eta. Álvarez Paz rightly called for these allegations to be examined.

But, after simply calling for the law to be enforced and criminal activity investigated, Álvarez Paz was arrested on charges of conspiracy, spreading false information, and incitement of hatred. If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

Have we heard anything from President Obama? Will he call out for the release of Mr. Paz? Did he speak up for those in Iran when they were protesting against their authoritarian government? Whose side did he choose in Honduras when its president overstepped his authority and the rest of the country sought constitutional means to rein him in? Our president seems to have a fondness for dictators. He has appointees who admire Chavez. Can we guess where his interests lie?

Read it all here:

Hat Tip: Clarice Feldman


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