Posted by: Debby Durkee | April 11, 2010

Fires for federal dollars?

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Fires for federal dollars?

Have you heard about the rash of fires in Flint, MI? They occurred after city lay offs of about half of their firefighters. In what is always the modis operandi of those who want to raise your taxes, politicians generally lay off those government employees who are most needed and keep the bureaucrats that might be expendable, in order to punish the public enough that they’ll cry uncle and say, “Please, oh please, raise my taxes.” So what to make of what is going on in the home town of Michael Moore?

City officials suspect arsonists with a political bent were trying to scare residents after nine vacant homes were torched over a 20-hour span.

The rash of fires was worse than the city has seen on Devil’s Night in recent years, a night typically considered the worst night for arsons in Flint all year.

The fires started Wednesday about 30 minutes after Flint Mayor Dayne Walling announced that 23 firefighters would no longer be on the job starting Thursday morning.  Snip –

Thursday, Walling and Public Safety Director Alvern Lock renewed their calls for residents to be especially vigilant after the outbreak of arson fires.

“The point here is that this is a series of coordinated criminal attacks that are designed to scare the residents of this city,” said Walling, saying the arsonists are seeking a “perverted political purpose” by setting them.

The mayor of the city went on to say that these were “coordinated criminal attacks.” But, as the writer at the blog Classical Values has noted, criminal actions with a political purpose are generally called something else when it reaches this level: terrorist attacks (remember ELF and the fires they set to prevent suburban sprawl?)

…Surely, the goal of terrorizing a city into hiring back laid off firefighters no more justifies political arson than any other goal. Arson is a heinous crime, and if it is being committed to achieve a political purpose, that makes it more heinous. And even if we analyze it purely as crime, it resembles classic mob-style extortion; the old insurance racket. (“Pay up, or your building burns!”)

And, as the writer noted the tactic has worked. Now federal money is going to Flint, MI to hire back their firefighters. Is this the future of the United States? Those who feel entitled to the money of others just hold a city hostage and the federal government will ride in to rescue them?

if arson is actually being deployed as deliberate political strategy, we are at risk of degenerating into a thugocracy. Politicians who encourage or reward such tactics are a dire threat to freedom and democracy, and this amounts to aiding and abetting terrorism.

Why is this a local investigation? And where’s the full investigation by the FBI and Homeland Security?

Please read all of the writer’s observations here:

As the country continues to awaken to the absolute corruption of their political class, it’s obvious that the fish stinks from its head. From the Chicago gang that inhabits the White House to the San Francisco leftist who runs the House of Representatives to Obama’s muscle man who leads the Senate making offers senators can’t refuse, their tactics in getting what they want make the country look more and more like Chavez’s Venezuela or Castro’s Cuba. Is this really where we want the United States, former leader of the free world, to go? If you said, “NO,” then make sure you vote all of these corruptocrats out, from your mayor to your board of education to your state representative to your U.S. representative to your senator. And, purge unions from anything to do with the government purse.

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