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All about unions.

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All about unions.

Just a few of the latest stories in union corruption and Barack Obama and how far they will go and have gone to cement their power. Such happy news, but news we must be aware of.

Union bill will be back before November.

Bernie Reeves of the American Thinker writes about a union-backed bill that passed in the House last year but was hung up in the Senate. He seems to think it has a chance to pass in the Senate, although he doesn’t seem to make any allowance for the filibuster that surely the Republicans would wage against it. Regardless, he sheds some bright light on the repercussions of this bill.

The Public Safety-Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2009 passed the House in 2009 but did not make it to the Senate vote for various extraneous reasons. But it’s back, and it will pass the House and Senate in this session of Congress, lifted by a Democrat majority anxious to move on the bill before November, when it appears that the composition of both Houses will change significantly.

Let’s hope the 41 Republican senators in the Senate can keep this monstrosity at bay. Reeves reveals some really scary things within the bill. Among them another federal grab of state’s rights.

The bill is alarming. According to the National League of Cities, the Act violates the National Labor Relations Act of 1934 that recognized the separation of federal authority over collective bargaining within the states. The seventeen states that prohibit unionization of public-sector workers will be invaded and held hostage to a federal law that tosses aside what’s left of the sanctity of states’ rights and allow policemen, firefighters, parole and judicial officers, prison guards, and medical technicians to join a labor union. Obviously, other local government workers will demand the same right. Before you can say Jimmy Hoffa, unions will have penetrated the very marrow of government services everywhere — with potentially catastrophic results.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, states are projecting collectively a $196 billion deficit for 2010. Allowing unions to organize local government will add increased fiscal demands at a difficult time. An example is Vallejo, CA, near San Francisco, which filed a bankruptcy petition citing salaries and benefits for unionized city workers that represented 75% of the of the general fund budget. Fortunately, the bankruptcy court rejected the contention of the unions that the city was obligated to continue collective bargaining for four more years.

It’s bad enough that the impending bill violates states’ rights and empowers unions to infiltrate cities and counties to unionize government workers, but another edict from the Obama White House adds a federal order mandating that all U.S. government contracts in excess of $25 million can be performed only by firms with unions or a collective bargaining agreement.

It’s a one-two punch — forced local government unionization and a federal edict to ensure union power on government contract jobs. It looks like the unions win in a TKO.

With everything the Democrats are throwing at the legislature this session, it will be hard for the average congressman to keep up, let alone the average taxpayer/voter. Just be aware, and spread the word about another abuse of authority by the Obama administration and the union thugs that seem to run the country right now. Read it all here:


Unions will watch critic’s properties burn.

Here’s an example of what happens when public employees become unionized. The union mentality takes over – that of I deserve more money and if I don’t get it, sleep with one eye open. This is from Katy Grimes at a California government watchdog website called Cal Watchdog blog.

According to the blog that broke the story, Watch Sonoma County, “North Bay firefighters launched a boycott of a Napa Valley winery this weekend after its owner criticized their wages and benefits in a letter published in the St. Helena Star.” But more than a boycott was launched, as the winery owner has received veiled threats online from some public safety employees, potentially refusing to fight a fire at his home or winery, or save him from choking in a restaurant.

Napa Valley winery owner Dario Sattui of V. Sattui Winery wrote a letter to the Editor of the St. Helena Star, venting about the benefits and pensions that firefighters receive. In his April 9 letter, Sattui wrote, “I thought I was doing well in the wine business. Had I had any real brains I would have become a firefighter. What a racket they have. While I respect the work they do and the inherent dangers, they are greatly overpaid, work only two days a week (a third of which they sleep) and get to retire at 50 years old at 90 percent of their pay after working 30 years. I don’t blame the firefighters. Good for them for getting as much as they can. The blame goes to the politicians and the government administrators. What do they care? It isn’t their money.”

Of the more vicious comments left on online, Watch Sonoma County reported the comment, “I only hope that when your winery is burning down, no fire fighters come to help your business,” …

A post submitted under the name of Brad Conners — vice president of the Santa Rosa Police Officers’ Association — featured a picture of Sattui along with the caption: “Our hero….should anyone get flagged down by him or see him choking in a restaurant.” The post and photo were removed Sunday evening.  Snip –

When the members of the public fear public safety officials and the police, the balance of power is out of whack and leaning dramatically in the wrong direction. Paid by the taxpayers, police and firefighters are public servants. But as with too many public employees, the union-first mentality seems to dominate the purpose instead of the work — perhaps it’s because there is not enough of the work to go around to the expanding base of public safety employees, particularly when the unions are demanding more in pay, for fewer workers…

Private sector employers and employees work to do more with less in an atmosphere where customer is king. That is the message that Dario Sattui was trying to convey. The public safety employees who levied threats should be reprimanded and disciplined. In the private sector, they’d be fired.

Truly disturbing. Add to that the fact that Governor Schwarzenegger and his wife were threatened by unions when he vowed to curb their benefits and NJ Governor Christie was threatened by teachers unions after he came out with a plan to curb their benefits, and you have a recipe for chaos in states trying to get their budgets under control. This outrageous behavior by unions in this country can only be attributed to President Obama and his friend Andy Stern (formerly of SEIU) who have been vocal supporters of the unions (and basically giving the unions General Motors, and as revealed in the previous story – pending legislation that gives a leg up on non-union businesses when it comes to government contracts.) The unions are feeling their oats because they’ve got the support of the big guy. Read it all here:

Case against public employee unions.

Michael Barone has noticed the way a Democrat challenger to Barbara Boxer is addressing the unions that are dragging the state of California down the tubes.

Memo to Republicans: if you want to see how to make the case against the public employee unions who are destroying the private sector economies of some of our greatest states, you should read this press release from Mickey Kaus, the brilliant blogger who is running in the Democratic primary against California Senator Barbara Boxer. Key points: “We’re paying high taxes but we’re getting low services. Worse, the unions’ pay-today-forget-about-tomorrow attitude failed to plan for an economic downturn. As a result, the state and many cities and towns are looking into the abyss of insolvency. It is all coming to a head this year. Obama and Boxer are on the crushable side of a tsunami of voter discontent.” And that’s from a Democrat.

And remember: this is a legitimate national issue. One-third of the 2009 stimulus money went to state and local governments–an obvious payoff to the public employee unions which gave hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats and got hundreds of billions of dollars in return, to insulate public employee unions from the effects of the recession which has affected everyone else.

Everything you read, everything you hear about unions is bad and even worse than you think. Plus, of course, the attacks on the Tea Partiers or anyone else who might come out against Barack Obama.


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