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Obama-Stockholm Syndrome.

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Obama-Stockholm Syndrome.

American Thinker’s resident “recovering liberal” who is also a psychotherapist, Robin of Berkeley, thinks the reason liberals have not awoken to the fact that Obama is bankrupting the nation is that they are reacting similar to those who have Stockholm Syndrome. As you’ll recall, that is what happens to someone who is kidnapped or taken hostage. They end up identifying with their captor. She starts by showing how many Americans are standing up to the Obamacrats via Tea Parties and by taking matters into their own hands in Arizona against the politically correct strong-arming of illegal immigration proponents.

Given the times, what Arizonians did was amazingly gutsy. (Arizonans) said the unthinkable: that law-abiding Americans suffer when law enforcement is not allowed to actually enforce laws. And — most taboo of all — that Americans matter.

Americans aren’t supposed to count; we’ve been conditioned to relinquish any and all needs. This government mandates compulsive niceness at all costs. Consequently, we’ve been transformed from a blunt-talking nation to Codependents Anonymous. 

Illegals importing drugs or robbing and raping is no big deal. The most heinous crime these days is not being nice. This government, in fact, demands it, and refuseniks are targeted and demonized.

The fear of being marked a meanie keeps much of the country straitjacketed. The Left is behind this: They know how to control people through terror. Consequently, liberals may sacrifice their health, their wealth, even their own children to avoid the scarlet letter “M” (for “Mean”) plastered on their foreheads.

Of course, what we’re not supposed to say out loud is that criminals, and those who enable them, are the actual evildoers. But in this topsy-turvy world, those of us who balk are blasted as villains.  Snip –

…Reality bites when it comes to accepting the truth about Obama.

… With the radicals in charge, liberals may be stricken with a pathological case of niceness that resembles Stockholm Syndrome. Perhaps the newest incarnation of Stockholm Syndrome is the Obama Syndrome.

As you may recall, in Stockholm, bank employees were kidnapped and locked in a bank vault for days. Given their psychological ordeal, they became blindly obedient to their captors. Once rescued, the victims refused to testify against the perpetrators. One woman actually became engaged to a kidnapper.  Snip –

To survive in this scary new world order, pleasing Barry may be a matter of life and death. Perhaps this is why most Democrats still support a president who is bankrupting us, and why liberals will endanger their own children through perilous schools or freewheeling immigration. By being good foot soldiers, liberals think they’re safe.

Of course, Stockholm/Obama Syndrome will not ultimately work. Enabling bad behavior only emboldens the criminals — whether on the streets or in the government.  

Plus, the Left is notorious for eating its own. Just ask those Jewish Obama voters who are discovering that progressives are loyal to no one save themselves.

Fortunately, brave patriots are taking to the streets and speaking truth to power. Tea partiers have taken breathtaking risks for freedom. Americans are letting leftists know that demanding safety for this nation makes us honorable, not mean.

Conservatives are bravely exposing the scam of progressivism, how it manipulates people to act against their own best interests. The real meaning of PC is not Political Correctness — it’s Political Control. And, frankly, we’ve been PCed for long enough.

I think she has hit on something here. The awakening Americans have experienced since that first tea party in February 2009 has been an exhilarating thing. Those who have been awakened will never go back to sleep. They’ve taken the slings and arrows, being called everything from shills of the insurance industry, to Nazis to astroturf to racists to homophobes. The left has thrown everything it can at the tea partiers, and they keep on coming, and with more conviction. The Tucson, AZ area is where one of the earliest tea parties broke out. Between that American West cussed independence and the whammy of a drug war being fought on their border with Mexico, reality has hit a huge majority of Arizonans. No belittling or name calling will make them back down. Once awakened to evil, it’s difficult to close your eyes to it. Please read all of Robin here:


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  1. Excellent information on the world of today. What is amazing is how the mainstream media listens to and watches what is happening and fails to do their job. All I can say is, Thank You Arizona!

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