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U.S. is more important than one Republican senator.

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U.S. is more important than one Republican senator.

Tony Blankley says that the country is divided into three groups right now – those who are shocked and appalled by what the Obama Administration is doing and know that we are in a crisis of epic proportions, those who want Obama to go farther and faster with his agenda, and those who are concerned but are not panicked and don’t think we necessarily need to do anything drastic. He throws into this last group the “conservative” writer for the New York Times, David Brooks. This is in National Review Online.

Sunday on Meet the Press, (David Brooks) reacted to Utah senator Robert F. Bennett’s third-place finish in the Republican primary with an uncharacteristic statement: “This is a damn outrage.” He went on to say that Senator Bennett was “a good conservative who was trying to get things done”; that he was “bravely” working with Democrats to help pass the Troubled Asset Relief Program and the health-care bill. “Now, he’s losing his career over that. And it’s just a damn outrage.”

By contrast, members of the shocked and appalled group, including me, know the senator to be a fine, intelligent, and honorable man, usually conservative but not doctrinaire. In normal times, his commitment to working the interstices of the two parties on behalf of getting something done would be both admirable and useful. But, while I am sorry for him as a person (he deserved a better end to his career than this), I was delighted to see him lose, because the next Congress is going to need a lot of a certain type of politician — and Senator Bennett is not that type.  Snip—

We need determined men and women who share with the shocked and appalled Americans the opinion that we are in crisis — and that we cannot wait until 2013 to stop the madness and start the rollback. Winning a Republican majority in November without electing a majority that favors radical, immediate rollback will be essentially as good as losing.

…I became radicalized on the matter of the national deficit and debt upon the administration’s release of its ten-year budget — the most irresponsible federal document ever released — which plans for unsustainable debt and does not even propose a path out.  Snip –

In the face of the financial ruin of the nation, it was unconscionable to pass a new health-care entitlement that almost all Americans know will add trillions to the debt. Next year, as President Obama almost certainly will call for a new value-added tax to do the “responsible thing” and reduce the deficits he and Congress have created, it will be equally unconscionable to support such a tax. The only solution to the debt and deficit that will not kill economic growth is to cut spending, not raise taxes. We cannot afford to elect Republicans or Democrats who would be “responsible” by raising taxes.

The difference between us shocked and appalled folks and the David Brookses of the country is that they simply cannot imagine that things can get as bad as quickly as we know they can. Neither did the Greeks.

Our job is to describe as vividly and credibly as we can just how bad “bad” will be if we don’t drop almost everything and start cutting entitlements and everything else next January.

If we can induce a sense of urgency in just a few of those not yet shocked and appalled, we can win in November with politicians ready to cut today to save tomorrow.

Yes, Blankley has it exactly right. Our country needs people in positions of power who see clearly what is going on with this administration and the current Congress. We need those in office who will put the country before party, their children before themselves, and the future ahead of the present. In my opinion, we are in the fight of our lives to save the United States of America. There is no time to waste, and we certainly do not need anyone in office who is not committed to saving the nation. Read it all here:



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  1. What we need is a bunch of folks who remember the principles on which this country was founded and act accordingly. We need to get away from the nanny state and let people reap the rewards of their actions. Somebody needs to jerk the steering wheel and get our ship of state turned in a different direction now!

  2. We also need to get ahold of those who aren’t panicked and put the fear of God in them. If we don’t take back at least the House, and with people who understand what’s at stake, we might never be able to turn the country around.

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