Posted by: Debby Durkee | May 17, 2010

All the president’s favored constituencies.

All the president’s favored constituencies.

Instead of everyone equal under the law, Barack Obama has brought a new idea along with him to the White House – “no contributor to my campaign left out of the public trough.” From favored unions to favored banks, friends of The One are making out like the bandits they are.

Obama showers gifts on unions.

This is from an editorial in the Detroit News. Hey, even liberal basket case Detroit has a limit to what passes for politics. Go figure.

In Barack Obama’s Washington, a union card is a gold card. The president is skewing policy to give the 12 percent of the American work force belonging to a labor union 100 percent of the advantages.

Here’s the latest example of what Chicago politics as brought to the national level has meant for taxpayers and the country at large. This is as of last week:

• The president’s executive order kicked in “strongly encouraging” federal agencies to award government contracts to those companies whose workers either belong to a union or offer union wages and benefits. The so-called project labor agreements will make it nearly impossible for non-union construction firms to compete for contracts.  Snip —

Taxpayers will pay more for the same work, and non-union workers will be dunned to pay the benefits of union members. There’s no justification for the order in terms of efficiency, cost savings or quality of work. It’s a straight reward to the unions that did so much to get Obama and a Democratic Congress elected.

• The National Mediation Board, prodded by the AFL-CIO, ruled that airline employees will no longer be covered under the Railway Labor Act.  Snip —

Delta Airlines has been a target by unions since it absorbed Northwest Airlines. Delta is non-union, Northwest is.

Under Railway Labor Act rules, the unions would have to get majority support from all members of a bargaining unit before being recognized. Workers who didn’t cast ballots were counted as “no” votes. Now, unions will only have to get a majority of the members who actually vote in an organizing election, making it much easier for them to win.

The change was made possible by Obama’s appointment of Linda Puchala, former president of the flight attendants union, to the National Mediation Board.   Snip —

Note that with unions come higher costs so, airline customers, higher airline ticket prices for you. Not a good thing for Delta as it tries to compete. This president truly is a sick man. Be prepared for Delta to go under one day, just as GM and Chrysler, due to union leeches – will The One then buy Delta? Hey, he owns a couple of car companies, some banks and the university system through the takeover of school loans (oh, and your body via Obamacare) – why not an airline or two?

• The White House ponied up $5 billion to entice companies to keep early retirees — those not yet eligible for Medicare — on their health insurance plans. Workers aged 55-65 will be covered.

Guess who those early retirees are? Yes, that would be union workers. Public employees, auto workers and school teachers. 

To top the week off, Congress began moving a bill that would provide taxpayer bailouts of underfunded union pension funds.

Don’t forget that a large portion of the so-called Stimulus Bill was directed to states to help pay for their government union employees’ salaries and benefits. What did that stimulate? Huge debt for our children to pay.  So now we can add to that the bailing out of underfunded pension funds. So we get none of the perks of union membership and all of the costs incurred. Nothing like continuing to screw the American public. Thanks, Obama. We know for sure that you hate the country. No denying that now. Read it all here:–Obama-doing-labor-s-bidding

White House trying to save bank?

Does the White House look at the taxpayers’ money as a giant piggy bank to break open in order to save their favorite failing banks? (Okay, we already know the answer to that question.) Well, let’s look at one specific Chicago-based bank with a history of ties to the area’s famous and not-so-famous community organizers. This is from The Prowler at The American Spectator.

Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee want to find out if anyone in the Obama White House attempted to influence the financial bailout of a well-known Chicago-based “community bank,” which faced FDIC closure last week, and which, going back to the Clinton Administration, has had close ties to ACORN and the leftist community-organizing world of Chicago.

The story about the bailout attempt of ShoreBank first began breaking last Thursday night. The FDIC was demanding that the bank have $125 million in investments by Friday, but discussions to bail out the bank, which has close ties to both senior members of the Obama Administration, as well as the Clinton family, went deep into the weekend as Chicago politicians scrambled to save the bank.

Focus on the White House’s role is due in large part to the ties senior staffers there have to the investors and management of the bank, which started out as a community bank, and lately has been deeply involved in “micro-financing” and “green” loans. In 2006, before his Presidential race, then-Sen. Barack Obama visited his father’s homeland of Kenya, and around the same times ShoreBank donated $1 million to that country to assist in micro-loan programs there…According to Department of Energy sources, disgraced Obama Administration “green” adviser Van Jones was a touter of the bank’s efforts — and an account holder — though he may not have had much to do with the bank receiving more than $30 million in funds to underwrite green projects.

Senior White House aide Valerie Jarrett appears to be the central figure in the Financial Services’ interest, according to Republican staffers with ties to the committee. “We have the Wall Street Journal reporting that no White House contacts were made on behalf of the bank with outside investors, but you keep hearing from those involved directly in the discussions that the White House appears to be all over this thing,” says one staffer.

Last week Eugene Ludwig, a former U.S. comptroller of the currency, who is working with ShoreBank to find financing to save it, held several individual and conference calls with senior officials from a number of different banks, including Goldman Sachs Inc., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc. and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., as well as several other foreign banks, seeking funding. “If you were on the call, the inference was that the White House wanted this bank saved. Obama’s name wasn’t invoked. Jarrett’s or [Rahm] Emanuel‘s names weren’t invoked. But the implication was there,” a senior lobbyist for one of the banks said. “The White House would look favorably on this bailout.” …

…Republican committee staffers point to the fact that Goldman Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein until late last week had declined to invest in ShoreBank, but then apparently had a change of heart and began calling other banking leaders to build support. Goldman’s stake: $20 million. “Given the crap Blankfein has been taking, you have to wonder what happened between his saying no and then saying yes,” says one Finance Committee staffer. “It’s not like the deal suddenly got better. “

It sounds very clear to me that if this bank is saved, it will be Chicago politics on the national level rearing its tremendously ugly head once again, and that it will ultimately be the taxpayers that get screwed. The United States – merrily going down the tubes by the same hands that are drowning Chicago and Illinois in debt. Doesn’t that make you feel just great!? Read the rest of the article here:


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