Posted by: Debby Durkee | May 26, 2010

Obama’s new world order is dead.

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Obama’s new world order is dead.

Victor Davis Hanson says that Obama’s desire for a postmodern, post-American world is dying with a whimper because all of the things liberals touted and wanted for the world are crashing down as reality sets in. No wonder Obama is so testy these days. This is from National Review Online.

The Greek meltdown — with Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain on the brink — has shown that European socialism does not work. Bankruptcy, not politics, is the final arbiter: Individuals, firms, and nations either buy particular bonds or they don’t. And a nation like Greece, in turn, either pays what it has borrowed or it doesn’t. All the op-eds in the New York Times cannot change that fact.

Al Gore will continue to channel from his Montecito hilltop the latest green consensus of the international academic community. But fairly or not, neither he nor it will be listened to all that much: He has made one too many millions off his hysteria, and professors have fudged one too many publicly funded studies. The result is that both have lost the people’s trust… Snip –

… Over 70 percent of the American people support (Arizona’s) efforts to stop illegal immigration, which amount to nothing more than enforcing currently unenforced federal laws. The hackneyed charges of racism and nativism are ignored. The Left can cite California’s Proposition 187 and warn the Republicans that they will lose the Hispanic vote, but 70 percent margins reflect angry citizens of all races and ethnicities, who are tired of seeing laws ignored, their state governments bankrupted, and Mexican presidents shaking fingers at them.  Snip –

Then, of course, we know the “reset” button Obama and Hillary pushed is not helping with world affairs as Iran and North Korea strut their stuff and terror attacks inside the United States increase as Obama extends an olive branch to the Middle East. (Don’t liberals ever learn anything? They like a strong horse over there, not a weak one.) Russia and Venezuela are also beating a very loud drum against the U.S. after Obama’s overtures. Once again, weakness is not a winning foreign policy strategy.

The new world order as envisioned by Obama in January 2009 was, I think, supposed to look something like the following: A social-democratic America would come to emulate the successful welfare states in the European Union. These twin Western communitarian powers would together usher in a new world order in which no one nation was to be seen as preeminent. All the old nasty ideas of the 20th century — military alliances, sovereign borders, independent international finance, religious and cultural chauvinism — would fall by the wayside, as the West was reinvented as part of the solution rather the problem it had been in its days of colonialism, imperialism, and exploitation. A new green transnationalism would assume the place of that bad old order, a transnationalism run by elite, highly educated, and socially conscious technocrats — albeit themselves Western —  supported by a progressive press more interested in effecting social change than in merely reporting the tawdry news.

Obama can still push that story, but more and more Americans disagree with his 21st-century vision. Stuck in the past, they instead believe that capitalism, not socialism, brings prosperity; that to reach a green future we need to survive for now in a carbon and nuclear present; that all, not some, laws must be enforced; that our country is different from others and needs to maintain the integrity of its borders; and that there are always going to be a few bad actors abroad who must be deterred rather than appeased.

We will hear all sorts of angry charges as these dreams die, but that will not mean they are not dead — even if they go out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Let’s hope the Democrats start to realize that tempting fate never works. I don’t hold out any faith that those in power at present will let a little thing like reality interfere with what they want to do to remake the world. They seem to think that if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. They will do their damnedest to force a square peg into a round hole, even if the world implodes (or explodes) in the process. A sign Sarah Palin noticed in a recent Tea Party event said, “I can see November from my house.” And, it can’t get here fast enough, Read all of Hanson here:


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