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A crisis is a terrible thing to ignore.

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A crisis is a terrible thing to ignore. 

Two stories show just how the Obama Administration handles crises (other than the ones where they automatically attempt to steal taxpayers’ money to buy someone’s vote). Instead of addressing problems head-on, the White House first ignores the problem, then, when they can no longer ignore it, they politicize it instead of actually looking for reasonable solutions. When it becomes obvious that ignoring and politicizing aren’t really doing anything to correct the problem, they reluctantly offer either a half-hearted solution or no solution at all, and of course, then, it’s “blame Bush” time (or Republicans or Wall Street or the banks or CEO’s with too much money or selfish, racist Americans. You get the idea.)  It’s becoming a pattern.

Arizona nightmare.

After ignoring Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s many requests to the Obama Administration for help securing the out-of-control Arizona-Mexico border, Arizona was forced to deal with the problem of their state’s sovereignty on their own. That led to the Arizona legislature’s passage of the much vilified immigration law that mirrors federal law as regards to discerning the immigration status of someone stopped by law enforcement for a crime.  After seeing polls that 70 percent of Americans agree with the Arizona law, Obama drags Republicans in and then offers a measly 1,200 National Guard on the border. This is from Investor’s Business Daily.

After letting Mexico’s president trash Arizona’s immigration law and his immigration enforcement chief say(s) he won’t enforce it, the president wants to send a token National Guard contingent to the border.

There’s something disingenuous about the president’s plan to deploy 1,200 National Guard troops to the Arizona border to help the Border Patrol catch illegal aliens.

His director of immigration and customs enforcement, John Morton, has said he might not enforce immigration crimes reported by Arizona officials, though the state’s new law merely copies federal law. Morton is director of ICE, not chief justice of the Supreme Court. He was not rebuked by his boss.

Keep in mind that both Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have attacked the Arizona law that both admitted they hadn’t read. And when the president and members of his administration applaud Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s interference in our internal affairs, we can be forgiven for thinking he is not serious about border security.

As Sen. Jeff Sessions said, Obama’s request for Guard deployment would be a good first step if it were “followed with a commitment to vigorous work-site enforcement, full cooperation with state and local law enforcement officials, strong support for completion of the border fence and all other necessary border measures.” Instead, we get talk of “comprehensive immigration reform,” administration newspeak for amnesty and a new host of likely Democratic voters.  Snip –

Nor did he consider the need to deploy the Guard before Arizona rancher Robert Krentz was murdered or before Arizona passed its law, protecting its border in a manner the feds failed to do.

It was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., who got to make the statement that Obama would request $500 million in funding for border security. Her district borders Mexico, but then so does Republican Gov. Jan Brewer’s entire state. Politics, anyone?  Snip –

We’re OK with sending the National Guard to the border — if it’s not just window dressing. But we’re also for the completion of a real border fence and a real commitment to the enforcement of existing federal and state immigration laws.

So, instead of doing what works: building the fence, sending more guard troops (not administrators!) to the border, or cracking down on employers, this administration sends a small contingent of troops to pacify some voters who aren’t paying close attention. They politicize it all. There’s no real effort to fix a problem. Oh, and where on the border will these troops be sent? How many will Arizona actually get? Who knows. Read it all here:


This really is Obama’s Katrina.

Karl Rove says, yes, this really is Obama’s Katrina, only worse because the deep waters off the coast are under the jurisdiction of the federal government. All of the dithering about the clean-up and preventing the mess from hitting the shores really is Obama’s fault. He can’t plug the well, but he and his administration sure as heck should have been at the governors’ disposal and made sure red tape was cut. That’s not what’s been happening. This is from the Wall Street Journal.

As President Obama prepares to return to the Gulf Coast Friday, he is receiving increasing criticism for his handling of the oil spill. For good reason: Since the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up on April 20, a lethargic Team Obama has delayed or blown off key decisions requested by state and local governments and left British Petroleum in charge of developing a plan to cap the massive leak.

Now the slow-moving oil spill threatens Mr. Obama’s reputation, along with 40% of America’s sensitive wetlands. Critics include some of his most ardent cheerleaders, who understand that 38 days without an administration solution is unacceptable.

Obama officials have it backwards: They talk tough about BP’s responsibilities but do not meet their own responsibilities under federal law. They should not have let more than a month go by without telling BP what to do. And they should avoid recriminations against their partner in solving the problem until after the leak is sealed.  Snip –

Initially, Team Obama wanted to keep this problem away from the president (a natural instinct for any White House). It took Mr. Obama 12 days to show up in the region. Democrats criticized President George W. Bush for waiting four days after Katrina to go to New Orleans.

Now the administration is intent on making it appear he has engaged all along. But this stance is undermined by lack of action. Where has its plan been? And why has the White House been so slow with decisions?

Take the containment strategy of barrier berms. These temporary sand islands block the flow of oil into fragile wetlands and marshes. Berm construction requires approval from the Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Louisiana officials asked permission on May 11. They have yet to hear back. The feds are conducting a review as oil washes ashore.  Snip –

Last weekend, as winds and currents drove oil towards particularly sensitive wetlands, the state asked Washington to mobilize all available boats to deploy booms and containment devices. Federal officials didn’t act. Local officials were forced to commandeer the boats. Even then some equipment went unused.  Snip –

Could this be Mr. Obama’s Katrina? It could be even worse. The federal response to Katrina was governed by the 1988 Stafford Act, which says that in natural disasters on-shore states are in charge, not Washington. The federal obligation is to “support . . . State and local assistance efforts” by providing whatever resources a governor requests and then writing big checks for the cleanup. Mr. Bush had to deal with a Louisiana governor and a New Orleans mayor who were, by federal law, in charge.

But BP’s well was drilled in federal waters. Washington, not Louisiana, is in charge. This is Mr. Obama’s responsibility.

The country’s in the very best of hands. Don’t you feel secure? Oh, yeah. Secure in the knowledge that (as with his procrastination on making a decision on Afghanistan and his slow response to the Christmas underwear bomber) this president and this administration can’t do anything quickly in an emergency except pass legislation to cram down the voters’ throats. In other words, they can’t do anything productive, only destruction comes quickly. The only crises these folks don’t want to waste are those they can capitalize on politically. These people truly are reprehensible. Read it all here:


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  1. For most of America the real crisis is the Obama White House and the crazy people he sends out from the Bat Cave to cure the sins of the world. There seems to be no limit to the depths of his/their stupidity.

  2. He does the opposite of what any American who loves the country would do. I guess we can extrapolate something logical from that.

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