Posted by: Debby Durkee | May 29, 2010

Americans can vote online to cut spending.

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Americans can vote online to cut spending.

House Republicans have initiated a project to get the public to vote on ideas to cut the budget. Each week they put five ideas on their YouCut website that you can vote on for them to take to the floor. Additionally, they are eliciting ideas from the public as to where Congress should cut the budget.  This is from Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA). He’s writing over at Pajamas Media.

Two weeks ago, the House Republican Economic Recovery Working Group launched YouCut, an initiative that allows people to get involved in their government like never before.

Before we launched the project, I knew that the American people were fed up with the size of government and the culture of spending that has become the norm in Washington. What I didn’t fully anticipate, however, was the level of grassroots intensity that YouCut elicited. During the first week of the project, our website averaged more than 3,000 votes cast an hour and a total of 281,000 votes cast. Since that time, the intensity surrounding the project has not dissipated.

Currently, more than 500,000 votes have been cast and 30,000 people have emailed spending reduction ideas of their own. While these numbers have been incredibly encouraging, what’s been even more assuring is where these votes have been coming from: less than one percent originated from inside the beltway. Snip –

On Wednesday, we announced the second YouCut winner. (The first winner was a proposal to eliminate an unnecessary and duplicative $2.4 billion welfare program.) The second cut, introduced by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), would eliminate the latest round of nonmilitary federal employee pay raises. This would save taxpayers $2 billion next year, and approximately $30 billion over the next decade.  Snip –

On Friday, House Republicans will bring this common-sense spending reduction proposal to the floor for consideration. A vote on this week’s YouCut winner will reveal whether Democrat claims of fiscal discipline are real, or just lip service.

One of this week’s votes focuses on reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. You can cast your vote for this proposal or for others or submit your own suggestions here:   I’m sure this is mainly a way for Republicans to make life difficult for their Democrat counterparts, but if the word gets out and several hundred thousand votes come in week to week, and Democrats vote these things down or refuse to bring them to the floor – well, Republicans will have a bunch of issues to run on.

You can read the rest of Eric Cantor’s column here:


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  1. Debby, thank you for reminding all of us. I think it is a great way to get the American people involved with a chance to vote on what they think is the most important way to get our country back on track by cutting the frivolous spending of our tax dollars. I think we all agree that we are tired of the government coming time and time again and putting their hands in our pockets and grabbing more and more of those dollars for what they deem important! We all have a better way to put it to use…better than their schemes of buying votes so they can stay in power. It may not be much but we can participate in getting our country back on the right track! It’s not too late yet!

  2. I think it’s a brilliant thing for Republicans to do. They’re finally realizing that they have a great tool in the Internet. We need to get the word out as best we can. The sheer volume of ideas coming in will be a great step forward.

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