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The rise of Conservative women.

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The rise of Conservative women.

Bruce Walker of the American Thinker website says this isn’t really the year of the rise of Republican women, but the rise of Conservative women, and won’t this be a wonderful shakeup for the media-driven, liberal-driven lie that Republicans and/or conservatives want to keep women down? All hail these spunky, tough (and mostly beautiful…why is that?) women of the right.

Nikki Haley has an excellent chance of becoming the first female governor of South Carolina with her thumping victory in the primary. Sharron Angle also has an excellent chance of knocking off Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In California, two successful women, Whitman and Fiorina, will carry the Republican banner for governor and senator. Susana Martinez is the Republican gubernatorial nominee in New Mexico, and if she wins, which polls show as likely, she will be the first female Latino governor in American history. In neighboring Arizona, Jan Brewer has become a hero to Republicans for standing up with grace, wit, and courage to the leftist establishment media and to President Obama. In nearby Oklahoma, polls show Congresswoman Mary Fallin as likely to be the next governor. If Senator Hutchison had won the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Texas, then voters in November across the entire tier of states bordering Mexico (and also Oklahoma) could have elected Republican women as their governors.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, however, did not win, and that is the essence of the political story. It is really the year of the conservative, not the Republican woman. Governor Perry, the man who defeated her, was considered by voters to be a genuine conservative, while Hutchison was considered more of a RINO…  Snip –

Ideology, not political party, and much less gender, guides voters today. Feminists do not lift a finger to help Sarah Palin when she is pilloried with the vilest sort of harassment. Michele Bachmann, another rising star in the Republican Party, is getting noticed precisely because she is an articulate, brave, and joyful conservative — but none of the dreary groups pretending to champion women is touting her for higher office, or even reelection. 

The salient fact about nearly all the rising starlets in the Republican Party — Palin, Bachman, Angle, Haley, Brewer, Fallin, and Martinez — is that each is conservative. (Whitman and Fiorina, the two California Republicans, are not conservative, but both of these Republicans, like Scott Brown, are conservative for their state.) Susana Martinez proudly proclaims herself pro-life, a supporter of the Second Amendment, and a conservative. Sharron Angle was supported by the Tea Party and probably won because she was so conservative. Jan Brewer, like Nikki Hayley, has a very clear conservative position on every important issue. Mary Fallin has voted for the conservative position 96% of the time, according to the American Conservative Union’s congressional voting scorecard.  

Conservatives obviously have no problems with women. Indeed, an increasingly large number of conservative leaders are women. Instead, conservatives have problems with leftists and their policies. The snow job of the left, the myth that somehow conservatives and Republicans are against women, is falling apart at the seams. The use of identity politics or special interest politics, the perversion of representative limited government proposed by the left, may soon run into some stormy seas. 

Women are, in many ways, more naturally conservative than men. Bad and dangerous schools, for example, are more likely to arouse direct action by mothers than by fathers. Pornography, juvenile promiscuity, and related social issues are at least as troubling to women as to men. The avalanche of abuse thrown at Sarah Palin shows how much leftists fear strong conservative women. But Palin, like Bachmann and Brewer, are unperturbed. These women, along with others who will win office in November, are changing the face of American politics.

Women are concerned about the future of the country as it pertains to their children. When the momma bear is aroused, all humans had better watch out. Conservative women will not be deterred, and they will not back down from what they believe is an assault on their way of life, their country and that which they hold dear – their children’s future, which is tied directly to the assault on freedom, capitalism, and our borders, which is nothing more than an attack on the country itself from within. That attack from within, driven by the leftist policies of the Obama Democrats (male and female) leaves the country vulnerable to attacks from the outside as well. Mothers are paying attention to all of this, and they’re about to tell the unruly bunch of children in Washington, D.C. to sit down and shut up and let Mom clean up the mess they’ve made. Read all of Bruce Walker here:


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