Posted by: Deborah D | June 14, 2010

The press has lost that lovin’ feeling.

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The press has lost that lovin’ feeling.

This is from the blogger called Neo-Neocon at Pajamas Media. He has observed the turning of the press away from Obama since the Gulf oil spill has continue to spout oil into the sea and ruin wildlife and human lifestyles. Many are beginning to (finally!) question the man they hailed as the messiah. Obama has kept the press at arms length and courts them only when he wants their attention. His lack of leadership on the crisis in the Gulf has caused the scales to fall from their eyes.

It’s a classic pursuer-distancer dynamic: as the distancer in the love affair plays hard to get, it only increases that person’s perceived desirability in the eyes of the smitten pursuer — for a while, anyway. As Obama continued to distance himself, the press courted his favors, dutifully blamed Bush for bequeathing him “inherited” problems, gave him advice on how to fix things and credit for a bipartisanship he never demonstrated, applauded his big-government goals, admired his pugnacious attacks on the opposition, winked at his hypocrisies as being necessary for strategic reasons, and denied or ignored his lies.

But something has changed lately. Many of Obama’s supporters in the press have become increasingly perturbed as they have come to sense that there is something “off” about the man.

Some of this reaction in the press may be the bubbling up of resentment at having been treated so badly. But there appears to be more than that going on: disappointment and bitterness and even embarrassment are starting to set in, much of it coalescing around Obama’s performance regarding the oil spill. This particular event has presented the left with a highly visible crisis concerning an issue that means a great deal to them — energy and the environment — and on which Obama was supposed to lead in a manner completely different from his predecessor Bush.

Did I say “lead”? That’s exactly what Obama has not done, and the left and the press are shocked and stunned.

It has been especially difficult to pin this disaster on Bush, although there have been half-hearted efforts in that direction (and there’s always bad guy BP to blame). But even the left and Obama’s supporters in the press seem to realize that Obama has come to own the oil spill, and that there has been something really, really wrong with his reaction to it.  Snip –

How bad an executive and leader Obama has shown himself to be has genuinely surprised the left and the MSM, although neither failing should have been a surprise at all. But as a result the press is now caught in a trap of its own making — one that, strangely enough, Obama foresaw and described.

In The Audacity of Hope, Obama made a famous comment likening himself to a blank screen on which people projected their views, and added that therefore, he was bound to ultimately disappoint many of them. He attributed this blankness to his newness on the political scene, but others have attributed it to his seemingly deliberate vagueness; a phenomenon that encouraged people to imagine him to be whatever they wanted.

The press cooperated by projecting mightily, just as Obama intuited they would, envisioning him as a president who would not only right the wrongs of Bush, but do it with style and flair and incisive intelligence and efficiency. And now, if they criticize Obama, they must eat their previous words, as well risk banishment from what little press access they have, and ostracism from the cozy club of the like minded.

But there may be no turning back for the press. Rhetoric and promise can only take a president so far. Events happen, and they must be dealt with.  Snip –

(David) Broder understands what was the final straw for (Jimmy) Carter’s popularity and his reputation. The Iranian hostage crisis precipitated and crystallized a public perception of almost endless failure and impotence on the part of the chief executive. That is what Obama risks now, and that is what the left is understandably tense and troubled about.  Snip –

…as the oil gushes from a pipe near the ocean floor and oozes onto the beaches of the Gulf, and coats the feathers of the birds of the sea, voters are aching to see Obama either work some sort of leadership and live up to a portion of his hype, or at the very least to ache with them. The indisputable fact that he has failed to do either represents a moment of truth for those who believed in him, and did so visibly and in print.

The call for Obama to show some emotion stems mainly from the press (also liberals) who seem to be all about emotion instead of facts and truth these days. What Americans want to see from this president is not someone looking for a butt to kick, but someone like Rudy Giuliani who will get in there, roll up his sleeves and make sure all obstacles are out of the way of the governors in order to get what they request for cleanup, to provide BP with whatever extra help the federal government can provide, and to have someone coordinate all of the offers of help from foreign governments and American citizens with bright ideas. Dithering and butt kicking can wait. It’s time for action, and it has been time for action for nearly two months. The dithering over Afghanistan didn’t awaken the press. The dithering over the Gulf has finally shown Obama for what he is: not a man of ideas, not a man of action, but a man who has never “done” anything, but complain, blame and criticize others that do do things. A man whose only ability to act is to get a compliant Congress to pass legislation that solves no problems, but creates more, and aggregates power or money to those he needs to pay off. Those abilities do not run a country efficiently. The country is and has long been paying for the slow awakening of the press. Perhaps they will finally do their jobs. (I won’t hold my breath.)

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  1. At least Clinton bit his lip to make him appear like he was feeling the pain. At least he knew how to do a portion of the job. Obama is a full blown idiot and putting his boot on someone’s neck is what he understands. What a refreshing kind of leadership he has shown us, the jerk. I’d like to see America’s boot on his neck for lots of great reasons, but that would make us all racist. As the saying goes, “When your only tool is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail”.

  2. It’s amazing how the “tolerant” left has been shown for what they really are — the “totalitarian” dictator left. They want to sit down with our enemies (or bow to them) — but those they really consider their enemies (big oil, for example and conservatives in general) — they either have no time for or want to ignore or push around (like the damn Dem. congressman from NC who grabbed the student by the neck). These people are frightening.

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