Posted by: Greg Huff | June 18, 2010

Day Sixty of the Oil Spill in the Gulf

On day sixty of the oil venting from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico I think it is appropriate to ask some questions about it.

BP is certainly responsible for the hole that was punched into the bottom of the Gulf and for either ineptness in closing this well or what could be (what is as yet not only unproven but not even suggested) sabotage of the blowout preventers

I am not really suggesting there was sabotage of this well but certainly that question has to be asked in the course of the coming investigation. Who would have had an interest in seeing an oil spill happening in the gulf? Is it a coincidence that this unprecedented accident happened just weeks after Obama announced his relaxed policy on gulf drilling?

Is it the ineptness of the bureaucratic structure that prevented and continues to prevent the cleaning up of the oil or a calculation of Chicago style thugocracy that actively obstructs those efforts?

From my observation BP has lied and obscured the amount of oil spilling into the gulf. But it is the Federal government that has lied and obscured (by pointing fingers and vilifying BP) the lack of effort to clean up the spill before it reached the coast of Louisiana and the other Gulf States.

Does the Administration want this issue thinking it will help them in 2010 or 2012? Or does it want this as an excuse to grab more and consolidate the power it has over business here in America?

How else do you explain the unwillingness to suspend the Jones Act that prevents ships coming into help clean up the spill? How else do you explain the governments preventing sand-berms from being built using “environmental impact” as an excuse? Why do you have barges sitting in port not skimming the oil because the Coast Guard wants to make sure the boats have life jackets? Why turn down help from the Dutch and other nations who have offered equipment and manpower to help clean up this spill?

How do you explain the six-month moratorium on drilling which will eliminate up to 40,000 jobs in the oil industry and devastate this region even beyond what it already is?

Every action taken by the President and his cronies has been in the direction of making this tragedy worse and pointing blame at BP.

Perhaps I am totally off the wall (certainly many people think so) but even if the hole cannot be plugged isn’t that oil coming up in a relatively small area before it disperses into the gulf?

Why were ships not dispatched to surround the area where the oil initially breaks the surface and skim the oil before it has a chance to wander away from the area?

These are just questions I have. There are no accusations here, no conspiracy theory. I would like to make some sort of sense out of this that does not involve either incompetence or sinister motives on the part of Obama and his inner circle.

If anyone can make sense of this, I am certainly willing to listen.

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  1. as far as conspiracy questions go, i think the fact that Haliburton happened to buy an oil spill prevention firm just 11 days before the blowout is pretty interesting as well

    • I can’t say I knew about the purchase of the firm by Haliburton.

      Are you suggesting there could be a sinister aspect to the spill by that company?

      I am not sure what the motive would be unless it would be something akin to Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

  2. The Wall Street Journal about a week ago printed a letter written by the President of Samson Oil. He concluded with sufficient logic that the spill was caused by human error. I agree with the letter writer’s conclusions. The “company man” was either inept or was smoking the “wacky tobacy”.

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