Posted by: Ted | June 28, 2010

An Empty Statement by a Foolish Man!

President Obama says U.S. priority is strong durable growth but continues to hitch his growth to larger and more intrusive government.  In my opinion, he will never achieve his goal without priming the engine that will drive that growth.

 If he were serious about achieving growth for our economy, he would unleash the labor market in a drive to achieve energy independence.  We need to go after the oil and natural gas no matter where it is.  This can be done in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  We can continue to seek alternative energy sources by allowing the free market to work as it has in the past.  Our history of success as a nation is built on the backs of entrepreneurs who achieve success based on economic incentives and the creativity of the human spirit.

 Obama is a foolish man with foolish friend both of whom are inflicting us with their foolish ideas.  It seems  every time he opens his mouth he seems to validate just how inept he is in achieving economic prosperity.


  1. I think I would say he is a fool rather than just foolish. All liberals/progressives/statists are fools (provided they actually believe that their philosophy will result in a better future for everyone. They are tyrants and worse if they do not believe it.)

    On Day seventy of the oils spill I think there can be no doubt that the administration and the environmental left with whom it is tethered wants the issue and not the solution in order to further consolidate their power over the industrial sector and specifically the oil industry.

  2. I agree, he is a fool acting foolishly and guided by a foolish philosophy. We have many years of misguided good intentions by elitists who see themselves as leaders but when given the opportunity to lead they fail miserably. As you say it is all about power as opposed to being the leaders of a free people. Instead of working to solve problems they use these crisis to consolidate power over those who they view as philosophically inferior. They appear to have a lot in common with radical Muslim.

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