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Obama is Capone.

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Obama is Capone. 

David Freddoso counts the ways the Obama administration has become what Michael Barone calls a “gangster government.” We all know these things, but when they are all lined up, it truly is amazing that this Congress, this Democrat Party, this news media just seem to have blinders on when it comes to this administration’s illegal grab for power. All we hear out here is a collective yawn. Wake up those in your immediate sphere who aren’t paying attention before it is too late. This is from the Washington Examiner:

…(Obama) is like Machiavelli, or Al Capone… or anyone else in any other context who lives under the illusion that might makes right. His administration’s governing axiom is “I won the election, and I’m bigger than you, so I’m going to push you around.”

… Obama knows that as President, he is stronger than most economic actors, and he is using the weight of his office to bully them… But his office has constitutional limits which he consistently fails to observe, and each transgression both sets a bad precedent for future presidents and makes us number to his own outrageous behavior.

Are you a CEO? Obama thinks he can fire you — and he will.

Are you a car dealer? He will take away your franchise and all the investments you’ve made in it.

Did you put your money into a safe investment like senior corporate bonds? Sorry, but the president has decided that you and all other senior creditors of Chrysler are expendable in bankruptcy, because he wants to help the UAW stave off the extinction it has earned through greed and irrelevance. (Oh, and to add insult to injury, the bailed-out Chrysler will use the leftover money to hire Obama fundraisers as lobbyists so that they can raise and contribute even more in 2012.)

Are you a small businessman? Obama will rig the rules to force you into binding arbitration with a labor union.

Are you an employee trying to save for retirement? Obama wants to make it easier for a union to seize your shop, make your employer cut off your 401(k), and turn you into cannon fodder for some currently under-funded union pension plan from which you will someday collect pennies for every dollar you are owed.

Are you an energy company that signed leasing contracts with the U.S. government in good faith, then drilled responsibly and safely offshore for years with a perfect safety record? He’ll give your business the death penalty; and all because BP, a major Obama donor and strong supporter of his climate initiatives, for whom the brother of his top advisor lobbies, was apparently careless and caused a disaster.  Snip —

Are you a doctor? Obama will tell you what kind of pill to prescribe, because you are either too greedy or too incompetent to choose the right one. Oh, and he’s setting up yet another federal panel to tell you whether you should be recommending mammograms and to women of what age.

Are you a living, breathing human being residing within the United States of America? Obama says you have to purchase government-approved health insurance (sorry, your current plan probably doesn’t qualify), and your only ways out are to commit suicide, move abroad, or become a Christian Scientist.

It’s discouraging to see that even when the cause is just — as with holding BP responsible for the billions of dollars in damage it is causing in the Gulf of Mexico — this administration cannot restrain itself from becoming involved in a way that exceeds the president’s constitutional powers. Even if it is salutary for BP to set aside $20 billion for damage claims, (Thomas) Sowell is correct to point out that the end does not justify the means.

…At best, Obama is a showman, merely taking credit for something BP was going to do anyway. At worst, he is using the power of the United States government’s executive branch to interfere in a restitution process for which the rule of law prescribes other remedies — courts of law, fines, penalties, deprivation of future leases, and settlement agreements arbitrated under terms worked out with the victims themselves, not with the President of the United States.  Snip –

no one on the Left seems to care that Obama is undermining all Americans’ economic freedom. Under Obama, business, private property and private, legal, contractual agreements are being manhandled by government every time a crisis, real or imagined, makes such usurpations politically useful or at least more palatable to the electorate. Those who stand in his way he blames for the nation’s current problems. He plans to “get in the faces” of those who resist, and he has dozens of friendly journalists on speed-dial who will happily spread lies and smear them as greedy or even as traitors. He doesn’t want them “to do a lot of talking, just get out of the way.”

… Just because a president can shove people around, it does not mean that he should or that he does so legitimately.

This column seems to echo what Greg wrote on the free market versus government supremacy on this blog. It also echos an extremely brilliant column by Thomas Sowell where he states: “If you believe that the end justifies the means, then you don’t believe in Constitutional government. And, without Constitutional government, freedom cannot endure.” We’d better get a handle on this out of control executive branch and quickly, or we will be like the banana republics of South America sooner than anyone thinks. Unbury your heads from the sand and then unbury your friends’. Read all of Freddoso here:

You can read Thomas Sowell’s column about arbitrary power and the degeneration of our democracy here:


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