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Americans petrified about future.

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Americans petrified about future.

This is from an interview with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) conducted by The Oklahoman. Coburn says Americans aren’t just angry with the federal government, they are fearful for the future of the country and how their families will be impacted by what I call the insanity in Washington, D.C. Here are a few quick hits from Coburn’s interview.

…You hear a lot of people talk about anger. It’s not anger. It’s absolute fear. People are petrified about the future about everything from health care to judicial nominees. It seems their foundational confidence is shaken, economically and from an individual-rights perspective

…The reason we’re having a slowdown isn’t because there weren’t the right factors to have continued growth, it’s because they’re such confusing signals for capital investment.

People lack confidence. Everybody’s right now protecting themselves rather than risking. You don’t get growth without some risk taking. Snip –

What I’m hearing is there’s a genuine concern that the future’s not secure for their family. That’s a different emotion. Anger goes up and comes back down. Fear goes up and until the things that are disconcerting people go away, it stays. It’s a bigger modifier for behavior over a longer period of time than anger is. We need people to be able to see with confidence that things are going to be OK…

She (U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan) is scary. She believes precedent trumps original intent. That really scares me. That says our wisdom is so much greater now that we don’t have to pay attention to the founders. If you follow her philosophy, we would’ve never had Brown v. Board of Education. Precedent would have said you couldn’t do that…. She believes in use of foreign law to interpret the U.S. Constitution.

You can read it all here:

If Americans are petrified about the future, here are a couple of good reasons to be petrified. We must remember the old saying: Courage is fear that has said its prayers. Let’s use the fear, but we must identify the many reasons that Americans are fearful. Coburn touched on several. Here are a couple he has not touched on.

DOJ – Voting section told not to purge dead from voting rolls.

This is from J. Christian Adams, an election lawyer who worked in the Voting Section of the Justice Department for over five years. He has some eye-opening reasons for Americans to be fearful. When Democrats are in charge of the Justice Department, not only are winnable cases dropped against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, but Justice political appointees have told those in the Justice Department not to purge the dead from the voting rolls. Now, why would they do that if they’re not planning on stealing some elections along the way? This is from

The “Motor Voter” law was passed in 1993 to promote greater voter registration in the United States. It did this — most Americans now know from visits to the DMV — by requiring states to offer voter registration materials whenever someone had contact with a variety of state offices. These included welfare offices, social service agencies, and motor vehicle departments.

A lesser-known provision also obliged the states to ensure that no ineligible voters were on the rolls — including dead people, felons, and people who had moved. Our current Department of Justice is anxious to encourage the obligations to get everyone registered, but explicitly unwilling to enforce federal law requiring states to remove the dead or ineligible from the rolls.

In November 2009, the entire Voting Section was invited to a meeting with Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes, a political employee serving at the pleasure of the attorney general. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Motor Voter enforcement decisions.

The room was packed with dozens of Voting Section employees when she made her announcement regarding the provisions related to voter list integrity:

We have no interest in enforcing this provision of the law. It has nothing to do with increasing turnout, and we are just not going to do it.

Jaws dropped around the room.

So, it’s not just that Obama and company’s policies are making life difficult for people as far as the uncertainty of their future earnings or the radicalism of his administration. It’s also what Michael Barone calls “Gangster Government” – there seems to be a “the ends justify the means” mentality, which makes this administration believe that they can ignore the law or make it up as they go along. Without law, we have chaos in the country. That truly is something to fear. Have we reached impeachable offenses yet? Read the rest of this outrageous story here:

Are Obama advisors delusional?

Or do they just think they can cast a spell on the mainstream media and convince enough voters not to believe their lying eyes? Or, to go into something a little more conspiratorial (but not out of the realm of this gangster government) – do they think they have stolen enough taxpayer money to buy all the votes they need? Or regarding the previous article – do they think they can steal the elections via voter fraud? I mean they do have Eric Holder as the Attorney General. Pay attention folks, we have whackos in positions of power in the United States. Let’s hope Republicans win big enough that Democrats can’t steal any elections in November. This is from Peter Wehner of Commentary Magazine’s blog, Contentions.

Dan Balz of the Washington Post has written an article on President Obama’s dismal standing among independents (it stands at 38 percent approval according to Gallup, an 18-point difference from a year ago). Balz quotes both Republican and Democratic strategists in searching for the reason for this perilous polling condition: high unemployment, an unpopular health-care law, bigger government, a liberal governing agenda, lack of bipartisanship, and the inability to change the culture of Washington. And then we find this:

White House senior adviser David Axelrod said that the criticism of Obama as a big-spending liberal grows out of decisions the president felt he had to make to prevent a depression. “We were forced to do things from the start to deal with this economic crisis that helped create a false narrative about spending and deficits that’s had some impact on independent voters,” Axelrod said. “And that’s something we have to work on.”

Ah, yes, there’s that darn False Narrative again. 

According to the True Narrative, Obama the Great acted with wisdom and courage to forestall another Great Depression. The charges of profligate spending have been manufactured out of thin air. The stimulus package has been a spectacular success. ObamaCare will bend the cost curve down. The economy is doing swimmingly. Snip –

Within the walls of the White House, it seems, Barack Obama is still viewed by people like Mr. Axelrod as a near-mythical figure. To much of the rest of the nation, he appears to be presiding over a failing presidency. If Obama and his top advisers persist in their self-delusion — which is unusual even for those working in a profession (politics) prone to self-delusion — they and their party are going to face, sooner or later, a brutal awakening.

Let’s hope they are deluding themselves, but everyday it seems they’re figuring out that they aren’t truly beloved across the country, and that things like not purging dead people from the voting rolls and socking away a bunch of “stimulus” money will help them buy the votes or cast the phony ones they need to win in November and beyond. Now, that’s a scary scenario. Read it all here:


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