Posted by: Ted | July 20, 2010

Why We Can’t Re-elect Mike McIntyre!

We can’t keep electing Blue Dog Democrats and believe they will vote conservatively on the important issues that come before them. They keep voting with the liberals and against the principles of fiscal responsibility.
Here in North Carolina we have several such Democrats who present themselves as conservative but who recently voted to continue funding highway signs that touted stimulus funded projects. Not only did they vote for a stimulus program that has been a failure, now they want to spend money on useless signs pointing to stimulus funded projects. Until we have Democrats that are willing to take back their party from the liberal hacks who currently run it, they need to be sent home, We need to replace them with people who understand that principled statesmen stand for something as opposed to being party zombies, Republicans included. It seems the only time these Blue Dogs vote conservatively is when they are released from their zombie trance by Nancy Pelosi and her team of liberal goons.

Read more on this issue here:

Update: The following statement was issued by Blair B. Milligan, Legislative Director from the Office of Congressman Mike McIntyre

I wanted to let you know that the Congressman inadvertently voted YES on the previous question vote regarding the stimulus signs when he meant to vote NO. He notified the Clerk of this so that it would be corrected in the Congressional Record. To clarify, he meant to vote to cut spending for the stimulus signs and therefore was supportive of this YouCut proposal.

(My take on his statement) It seems that Mike voted in error, he meant to vote against it but saw all his liberal buddy’s voting for the signs and he, out of habit, just voted with them.  So he told the speaker that he voted to keep the signs by mistake and she told him that she didn’t give a rats ass how he voted.  She got what she wanted and didn’t need to hear his whining.  You southern idiots need to grow up and get these voters in line with our liberal agenda.


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