Posted by: Greg Huff | July 22, 2010

Paradise Lost

By any measure, the United States of America over the past 200 years since it’s inception has been a paradise. Compared to any nation at any time in history being in the United States guaranteed that if you are willing to work, save and take a chance, you can become, if not rich then comfortable.

Where else on earth has a person been able to speak his mind without fear of a secret police knocking on your door in the middle of the night being dragged off to a secret prison and never being heard from again.

How many immigrants have breathed a sigh of relief and cried tears of joy, knowing they’ve landed in the United States and no longer have to live in fear of their old government. Life was hard for these immigrants, though almost certainly no harder than it was in their native country. They knew it was up to them to make their own living. They knew as well, they would be able to keep the fruits of their labor.

Though the Founders wrote into the Constitution safeguards aimed at preventing the Federal government from gaining too much power it was not long before well meaning and sinister forces started attacking the foundations of our Republic. I won’t go into the specifics of these attacks. They are accessible in many different books covering this subject. Suffice it to say that politicians and Supreme Court Justices who either did not know the Constitution or did not care about it or what it said, corrupted it’s meaning.

This may have been in a small way at first but like a small imperfection in a dam a small trickle of water continually eats away at the flaw widening it and allowing more water at greater velocity until the whole dam if not fixed will finally collapse releasing all of that potential energy to the doom of those who live under it.

The damage done to the Constitution was small at first but successive small assaults widened the original breach until there are now no real constraints on the Federal government. The President and Congress can pass just about any law they want with no thought as to whether or not it is Constitutional.

The Supreme Court, rather than being guided exclusively by the Constitution are bound also by previous rulings (even though these rulings may be severely erroneous) and some Justices have indicated that foreign court decisions should be looked at in deciding cases. Another assault on the Constitution has been to call it a “living-breathing document”. Meaning that it should mean anything the Supreme Court decides it should mean on its whim rather than on the original meaning.

Instead of the Constitution being a solid foundation on which our country is built, if this concept becomes prevalent it will be akin to that solid concrete foundation you built your house on turning to quicksand. The rest of the building will fall in short order.

Though there are a myriad of reasons why people come to the U.S. they all include the basic concept that the United States of America is a paradise when compared to almost any other country. Though that “shining city on the hill” sheen has been dulled lately, its reputation still attracts millions around the globe.

The trouble with paradise is there are those that have the need to corrupt it, to be the snake in Eden. With bailouts, stimulus, government take over of banks, auto and health insurance; activist promoting multiculturalism or downright separatism, opposing English as the official language, or promoting the dilution of our unique culture of self-reliance and individual responsibility, this country is quickly becoming an unexceptional one.

This all stems from violations of the Constitution as described above. If the trend continues then paradise will indeed be lost. Knowing the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and educating our kids in these documents and in the lost history of our founding can reverse this decay.

I am heartened by the Tea Party, Glenn Beck’s efforts to educate the public on our lost history and in Janine Turners efforts to get people to read the Constitution and Federalist Papers

I hope everyone will utilize these resources to become educated in these subjects and then speak about them to friends and family. If this is done then paradise can be salvaged. The damage done can be repaired in short order and even the fiscal damage can be reversed and the United States will be back on course as an exceptional nation and paradise to be emulated by the rest of the world.

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  1. While the people wishing to corrupt the constitutional principles of freedom and a very limited government are vile and disgusting, it is the people who can be bought off by their promises that are the real culprits. What they fail to realize is that what they give up to get their judas’ reward is not worth what they are giving up.

    • What was that story…about (I think) a wild boar that was given food so he didn’t noticed the farmer built one side of a fence? The next day the boar was back when the farmer left some more food, and the farmer built the next side of the fence. In four days the boar was completely surrounded by a fence, so the farmer didn’t have to feed him any longer. That’s what’s happening to all of those dependent on government. They’ll be fed until the government has you surrounded — then they won’t have to feed you any longer.

    • It is kind of a symbiotic relationship for sure. I’m not sure I am ready to absolve the politicians of their responsibility however. Part of human nature is opportunism. I think it is a reactive survival mechanism. The founders realized this and put in to the Constitution mechanisms to short circuit such by making every person responsible for their actions. The minute someone thinks they are going to get something for nothing or at the expense of someone else (unless they are highly ethical) they’ll vote for it. Much of this behavior can be handled by education about the free market and responsibility but many are not. This is why the “do-gooders” are so dangerous. They want to “help” and have the government involve itself to “handle” some perceived problem. After the wall is breached the thugs and looters come in. So, I’d have to say people get the government the majority wants and when not constrained by the Constitution they can and will.

      • Deb, I believe this was an actual experiment. The animals are wary at first, looking out for any trap. After a couple of days they get used to having the food and let their guard down. They get used to people being around. They pay no attention to the fence going up on one side then the other and then they are trapped. No need to put out more food…they then become food. I wish more people were familiar with this parable.

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