Posted by: Debby Durkee | July 27, 2010

Let’s win Biden’s seat.

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Let’s win Biden’s seat

This looks to be an interesting primary and general election to watch. A conservative woman is challenging a sitting RINO congressman for Joe Biden’s vacant senate seat in Delaware. Let’s pray Delaware has awakened enough to realize they need real change and that their state, like Massachusetts before them, could send a huge message in September to the GOP and in November to the Democrat Party. This is from Robert Stacy McCain over at The American Spectator.

…Christine O’Donnell’s Senate campaign in Delaware is a class reunion of sorts for the aggressive team that helped turn Doug Hoffman’s upstate New York congressional race into a national crusade for conservatives. Snip —

All of which is to say that O’Donnell’s Sept. 14 Senate primary against Rep. Mike Castle in Delaware is shaping up to be the latest battle in the Republican Party’s ongoing struggle between Tea Party-backed insurgents and a GOP establishment that seems to fear its own conservative base.

… conservatives in Delaware have the benefit of backing an indisputably telegenic candidate. O’Donnell, a 40-year-old communications consultant who worked for the Republican National Committee during the glory days of Haley Barbour’s chairmanship in the mid-1990s, has the kind of 100-watt smile that lights up a room. But she’s not just a pretty face, either, having demonstrated her gritty determination two years ago when she sold her house and invested her life’s savings in an against-all-odds challenge to Biden, who ran simultaneously for re-election to the Senate while campaigning as Barack Obama’s running mate.

… The Democratic governor appointed a seat-warmer to replace Biden temporarily… the Democrats lined up behind a relative unknown New Castle County official. Thus, whoever wins the GOP nomination has a far more promising prospect in November. Ed Morrissey of the popular Hot Air blog summarized the national importance of the Delaware race: “The winner of the general election will not take office in 2011, but immediately after Election Day. That means if a Republican can beat Democratic nominee Chris Coons, they have the ability to block any lame-duck session shenanigans by Harry Reid.”

That raises the stakes in O’Donnell’s challenge to Castle, who has already voted for the Democrats’ energy tax bill — one of the notorious “Waxman-Markey 8” House Republicans to cross the aisle last June — and could be expected to do so again in the lame-duck session. O’Donnell is hammering hard on that issue, warning that Castle’s second vote for the cap-and-trade measure “would kill jobs and drive up prices on everything from peanuts to gasoline.”

O’Donnell is also pushing back against the GOP establishment’s message that only Castle can defeat Coons in November and that therefore conservatives should hold their noses and support a liberal RINO (Republican In Name Only). The establishment’s argument, however, started taking on water two weeks ago when a poll by Rasmussen Reports showed O’Donnell also narrowly edging Coons in a general election matchup…

While Castle seems to be fading, O’Donnell has gained new momentum in recent weeks. Although she can’t hope to match Castle’s $3 million campaign war chest, her online donations surged in the final days of June after she was interviewed on Mark Levin’s nationally syndicated talk-radio program. Her weekend trip to Vegas also boosted her online presence, as she met with scores of conservative bloggers and activists at the Right Online conference, including First Things “Gateway Pundit” blogger Jim Hoft, who asked, “Is Conservative Christine O’Donnell of Delaware the Next Nikki Haley?”   Snip –

…With seven weeks left to go in the GOP primary campaign, the odds against an O’Donnell upset victory over Castle may be difficult to calculate, but not impossible. Nothing is truly impossible in this kind of wildly unpredictable political year.

One of the comments to this article online is from a Delaware conservative and he said, “…some significant slug of Castle’s $3 million war chest comes from contributors who stand to profit from carbon trading, and Castle’s bow to those contributors comes at the expense (literally) of his other constituents who live in a state which generates 65% of its electricity from coal. Castle’s support for Cap and Trade is the quintessential politician’s sell-out to special interests.”

We need these conservative women to shake up the sleepy Republican men. The women seem to get it. Hey, Republican men, we’re losing our country. This is no time for politics as usual. The Moms plan to keep the country intact for the kids. Get on board or get out of the way. Read it all here:


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  1. The fact that the winner of this race will take their seat immediately is key to stopping the abuse of government that will likely take place during the lame duck session. What Christy has done in New Jersey should be a great example of what is possible for Delaware.

    • I totally agree, Ted. Let’s hope the GOP infighting between the country club Republicans and the Tea Party types can bury their hatchets long enough to do what’s right for their state and their country. A Republican to replace Biden (and a Repubican to replace Obama) would be just as great as a Republican to replace Kennedy. Let’s just hope this Republican is a more reliable Republican vote than Scott Brown has been!

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