Posted by: Deborah D | August 10, 2010

Immigration enforcement as self-defense.

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Immigration enforcement as self-defense.

J. Robert Smith of the American Thinker says that Arizona’s immigration law is a primal one based on an ancient concept – the right to self-defense. That’s about as logical and practical an argument to be found for Arizonans’ struggle to take their state back from the illegals who are overrunning it. Smith says the Obama Administration’s lawsuit against the state is “moral abandonment.” This is a brilliant dissertation.

The national government stands accused of a failure of will.  Thereby, the Obama administration and the national government are defaulting in a basic duty to the people: to attend to their defense.     

The obscenity of the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Arizona is that, in practical terms, it asserts the legal right of the national government to do as little as it chooses to provide for immigration enforcement and border defense.  The administration’s underlying argument topples common sense and common decency.  The lawsuit makes national immigration laws mere facades — if Washington chooses.  It argues that the people have little say in securing the nation’s borders.

The right to self-defense — individually and collectively — is fundamental and ancient, long predating government.  It’s premised on the right of the individual to life and property.  The Declaration of Independence explicitly acknowledges the primacy of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  It is no accident that the Declaration posits “life” first.

Where there is life, there’s a right to its perpetuation.  Where there are threats to life, there is a right to self-defense.  Property is an outgrowth of a life.  Where property is threatened, there’s a threat in varying degrees to life.  (Long ago, Mongol invaders burning crops and slaughtering livestock threatened the lives of those who depended on the crops and livestock for their existence.)  Through time, the human being has sought to better defend his life through collectivities: the family, clan, tribe and the nation.

A shared defense of life means that the individual cedes some of his authority for his defense to a collective.  The collective — in modern times, the nation and its subsets — attends the responsibilities and duties of protecting the individual.  Where government can’t or won’t provide for a common defense, it again falls to the individual to defend himself — and, if warranted, to seek out those combinations that provide for his defense…   Snip –

Government can’t confer what it doesn’t create.  Government doesn’t create life; nature and nature’s God do.  Government doesn’t confer liberty; liberty issues from the natural right to life.  Government doesn’t create the people; the people create government.  The people are organic; government is the invention and tool of the people.  The people expect — no, demand — in increasing numbers that Washington act in accord with their will, and that it discharge its duties to provide for their defense.    

In Washington today, and for too many years, in fact, the government, for reasons mean and shortsighted, has chosen to defy the people’s will by not faithfully and vigorously enforcing immigration laws and properly defending the nation’s borders from the illegals’ invasion.

Americans know in their gut what is right here. Americans’ sense of right and wrong is still strong even after all of the political correctness and multiculturalism that have been shoved down our throats for many years. Americans have a culture and a country worth defending. Americans have a right to self-defense and have a right to question and override a government that seems intent on leaving Americans defenseless against invaders. What greater wrong can a government do to its people?

When you can’t count on a government to protect its people, then you pretty much can’t count on it for anything else. When a government values foreigners more than it values its citizens, there is a pretty basic revulsion that emanates from the citizenry. Other administrations have neglected their duties to protect the people (and the Constitution) as far as immigration enforcement is concerned, but this current one is so in our faces with it at every turn, even many originally blinded by Obama’s light can see it and feel it. Let’s hope they get out and vote and vote big to send a big message in November. Please read it all here:


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