Posted by: Deborah D | August 31, 2010

Covering up for Soros.

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Covering up for Soros.

Of late, pundits from the New Yorker and the New York Times, as well as Barack Obama himself, have taken to bashing a couple of libertarian billionaires who are behind Americans for Prosperity. The Koch brothers, Charles and David, have been unfairly targeted, and what’s laughable is that those attacking them have also gone out of their way to sing the praises of that powerful destroyer of countries and their economies, George Soros – the puppet master behind the Democrat Party. This is a well-done article by Ed Laskey of the American Thinker. He counts the ways (and of course there are many more) of Soros’ influence and corruption of the Democrat Party.

…Soros obviously has his financial interests in mind when he gives, and he knows how to use his billions to make more billions by tapping his friends in high places in the Democratic Party.

Soros has made a boatload of money off his huge investment in the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, a company that has benefited mightily from its deep offshore oil reserves. Barack Obama had the U.S. Export-Import bank extend billions of dollars of loans to underwrite Petrobras’s offshore oil development. Soros positioned himself to reap big gains just days before his pal in the White House pushed for billions in loans to Petrobras — a company from a country that can certainly tap the financial markets on its own to raise funds to tap oil off its shores. The company did not need easy money from American taxpayers. Yet there was Soros, who somehow was prescient enough to roll the loaded dice in taking a major stake in Petorbras. He got a double-dip type of return when Barack (“never let a crisis go to waste”) Obama shut down deep-water oil exploration off America’s own energy-rich coasts — further enriching the prospects for Petrobras and George Soros

Soros’s pet think-tank, the Center for American Progress, constantly pushes green schemes. Democratic politicians are on board, as well. This group includes Barack Obama who, runs after one electric battery, solar power plant, and windmill after another (when he is not on the links or listening to live music at the club he created in the East Room of the White House). How generous have Obama and the Democrats been to the green schemers? The grand champion of budget-busting departments has been the “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Program,” which received $1.7 billion in 2008 and $16.8 billion in 2009, a 1,014% increase in just one year. Media reports over the past year or so have tied numerous Democratic donors to these “ventures.” They have been richly rewarded with taxpayer dollars.

What a great scheme! Give thousands to Obama and various Democrats and get billions back in our taxpayer dollars. Who is a big investor in “clean energy,” by the way? Why, none other than George Soros, who announced back in October 2009 that he would invest at least $1 billion in “clean energy.” The Center for American Progress is closely tied to the Obama administration…Soros knows how to use leverage, and the millions he put into the Center for American Progress (and into the election of Barack Obama and other leftist Democrats) will reap big returns — at our expense — in the years ahead.  Snip –

I have written quite a bit about the riches we have in America in the form of shale gas. Soros has investments in the energy industry that would be harmed if our cheap and plentiful reserves were tapped to their full extent. Among his holdings are a huge one in InterOil that has big reserves of natural gas in New Guinea. Democrats are now trying to shut down our shale gas industry by attacking “fracking” — a method that is used to extract the gas from the shale rock that holds it. There is plenty of evidence that fracking is safe and sound — it has been used for many years. Nevertheless, the industry is under attack by Democrats in Congress such as Ed Markey, by Obama’s EPA, by the Center for American Progress, by Pro Publica — an outfit created and funded by Soros pals Herbert and Marion Sandler — and recently by Soros must be getting desperate, as Americans crave cheap natural gas, to bring in, which has heretofore focused on the purely political sport of bashing Republicans and electing as many left-wingers as it could — including, of course, the biggest of them all, Barack Obama…

Can you say, “Culture of Corruption?” So, when will the investigations commence into the shady Soros dealings and the criminal Democrats’ handing out of our precious taxpayer dollars?  I wouldn’t hold my breath because Soros is so rich and so connected as to be bullet proof. Let’s hope we can get some America-loving billionaires to pool their resources to take this character down before he ruins the country – if it’s not too late already. He probably won’t like it too much if the Democrats lose in November. Let’s make sure he’s unhappy. There’s much more at the link. Make sure you read it all here:


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  1. We must all work hard to make sure that November is the first step in the revolution which will see sanity restored in American Government. We have a long way to go but even the longest journey begins with the first steps.
    Energy is the key to returning the U.S. to prosperity but that won’t happen as long as the alternative energy is the focus over energy independence. Alternative energy is great but its time and place is not in the near future if our objective is to get America back to work.

  2. […] evil. We must stay on top of where he is using his influence. I posted recently about Soros here:  Here’s the latest from Michelle Malkin: Prepare yourselves for a $45 million, Soros-driven […]

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