Posted by: Greg Huff | September 7, 2010

Morality and Ethics

The following is a communication I had with one of my many uncles a year after the attacks of 9-11. I just ran across this in my computer files and thought it was interesting enough to share here.  I believe  it is still relevant almost nine years after we were attacked

We were talking about our culture and the immorality within it. I will not go into the entire conversation but he mentioned that we should look at how “our licentious* society impress the Muslim true believers.”
1: lacking legal or moral restraints; especially : disregarding sexual restraints
2: marked by disregard for strict rules of correctness (Webster’s)

My reply to his statement was as follows:

“Many in our culture are, as you say, licentious.

The thing is, even with this being the state of some in our culture; the United States culture is light years ahead of any of the Muslim countries morally.

In order to be moral you have to have the choice to be immoral and then chose to be moral. In order to be ethical you have to have the choice of being unethical and choosing to be ethical. If you have no choice how can you be moral?

You cannot force one to be moral though you can force one to have no choice in whether to be moral or not. Having choice is the only thing that ensures morality and ethics. Look at the societies that have grown up in the Muslim areas. Are these societies noted for their high ethical standards?

Morality has to be taught by parents passing down their morality to their children. Those children can either accept or reject it. If a child has no choice in the matter he or she is neither moral nor immoral they are merely amoral.

The majority of Americans are moral because they have a choice in the matter. In a rational society they know that one is moral and ethical because that is the way to survival as an individual and a culture. Where one has no choice the society decays and has a fetid odor.  Not really the way to survival is it?”

This concept has application in many places.  The one that comes to mind immediately is Obama Care.

Taking care of those that do not have the wherewithal to pay for their own health care is the subject of charity.  Mandating that those that can pay for their own health care also pay for the care of others makes us all amoral in relation to that subject.  There is no choice in this.

A couple of months back Neil Cavuto interviewed a Catholic nun on his show on Fox News.  She said that passing health care was a MORAL issue.   I’d never heard something so ridiculous.  It is the “hat” of the the clergy to purvey charity.  This nun wants to make herself and the rest of the clergy irrelevant by having government extort money to give to others for their health care.  When the government takes over this function, actual charity becomes non-existent.  We all become slaves to those with a health need and with that, all of the resentment and lack of motivation slavery entails.

The solution to all of the socialistic programs being foisted on the American public is getting the Federal government out and back to adhering to the Constitution.  No where in the Constitution does it give the Federal government the power to provide health care to citizens (despite the Supreme Court’s bastardization of the Commerce Clause).  Individual states may chose to do this (reference the 10th Amendment) as long as it does not violate the individual state constitutions.

I don’t hold out much hope that this will come to pass anytime soon but I do believe the American public is waking up to the lie that is nanny government.  Let’s hope the awakening is rapid.
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  1. Excellent piece, the fact that we extort through government the money to provide social charity is why charity has diminished as a calling for many young people. They no longer see it as their moral duty but a duty of government. As a result, the only winners are the people who are employed by government to dole out the charity which is taken at gunpoint from the people who earn it. Government extorted charity corrupts the soul of both the provider and the receiver.

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