Posted by: Debby Durkee | September 13, 2010

George Soros: Dr. Evil.

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George Soros: Dr. Evil.

George Soros is every evil character in every James Bond movie you’ve ever seen. He’s the Dr. Evil of the liberal left. He’s spreading his wealth around in every possible way to undermine America’s democratic republic. Not only is he giving $100 million to Human Rights Watch, which is leading the attacks against Arizona’s immigration law and harasses Israel constantly, he’s also attempting to undermine our judiciary and the sanctity of the vote in this country. This man is evil. We must stay on top of where he is using his influence. I posted recently about Soros here:  Here’s the latest from Michelle Malkin:

Prepare yourselves for a $45 million, Soros-driven drive to undermine America’s independent judiciary.

The American Justice Partnership revealed the details (Sept. 9):

Over the past 10 years, a highly-coordinated, well-funded campaign has been underway to fundamentally alter the composition of America’s state courts. The campaign’s goal: exclude conservative, rule-of-law judges from the bench. This campaign has been bankrolled by George Soros, a hedge fund operator with a net worth of $13 billion, according to the Forbes 400 list of the world’s richest people.

This multi-million dollar campaign to reshape our courts encompasses efforts to revise state constitutions, rewrite judicial recusal rules, abolish democratic judicial elections, and impose a judicial selection system that will transfer power from the people to a small, unelected and unaccountable commission comprised primarily of legal elites, typically representing powerful special interest groups, such as state trial lawyers associations…

Read the AJP’s full investigative report here. Background here. And more from Colleen Pero (of the Heritage Foundation) on how the progressives are masking their social justice radicalism under the guise of “merit selection:”

Under “merit selection,” the power to select judges is transferred from the people to a small, unelected, unaccountable commission comprised primarily of legal elites, typically including representatives of powerful special interest groups, such as state trial lawyers associations—whose politics, not surprisingly, are more liberal than the general public.

Promoted as a method to keep “politics” out of the judicial selection process, the merit committees in many states are extremely politicized…Snip —

Ironically, the same opponents of judicial elections who loudly protest about contributions negatively affecting the independence of the judiciary—a claim for which they have yet to provide any concrete evidence—are receiving and spending tens of millions of dollars to not merely influence judicial elections but eliminate them and turn judicial selection over to special interests and backroom political deals. This does not remove politics from the process but rather moves politics outside of public view.

The well-funded proponents of so-called merit selection engage in a kind of political self-dealing, promoting selection by interest groups who are more closely aligned to their liberal agenda. Those who are concerned about the influence of money in judicial elections should pay more attention to the money spent by those seeking to use “merit” selection not to eliminate politics but to embed interest group politics formally into the selection process, thereby tilting judicial selection in their political favor.

Anyone associated with this man is tainted, in my opinion. Anyone who takes money from this man should be considered an enemy of the state. When will someone do something about this? When does something become treason? When is undermining our system of governance considered a crime? Ever? When can a foreigner who becomes a citizen, and then uses that citizenship to undermine the country, be stripped of that citizenship? Why is what he’s doing to the United States any different from what a terrorist does? Please read all of Malkin here:


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  1. This agent of hell should be deported as the evil jerk that he is. He is for taxing everyone but himself. He makes millions in this country, then parks it off shore for use to undermine our country. KICK HIM OUT!!!

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