Posted by: Debby Durkee | September 15, 2010

RINO hunting hits a target.

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RINO hunting hits a target.

Christine O’Donnell defeated liberal Republican Mike Castle for the Republican senate nomination in Delaware last night, and establishment Republicans are fit to be tied. How dare this Mama Grizzly maul this poor, little RINO. W. James Antle III says this is a wake-up call to Republicans that conservatives have had it with big-spending politicians, and they are done being taken for granted by those who run the Republican Party. This is from The American Spectator.

The upshot is that big-government establishment Republicans are no safer from conservative wrath than the Democrats whose legislation they so often support.

At some point, millions of grassroots conservatives across the country decided there was something wrong, almost abusive, about the right’s relationship with the Republican Party.

Maybe it was buyer’s remorse over the Bush years, when a “compassionate conservative” president and an earmarks-addicted GOP Congress began a deficit spending binge. Maybe it was when they found themselves in the voting booth in 2008, having to hold their nose and think of Sarah Palin in order to vote for John McCain.

But conservatives have finally begun demanding that Republican candidates do more than agree to appear on the ballot with an “R” next to their names. They are looking beyond the party label.

…This year, however, a record number of RINOs have been hunted down and taken to the taxidermist for stuffing.  Snip —

He goes on to mention upsets to the establishment Republican applecart in Alaska, Kentucky, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Florida in this primary season.

What’s happening? Conservatives have gotten tired of electing Republicans only to get bigger government and massive deficit spending. They are tired of giving their votes and campaign contributions to GOP politicians who pursue conservative goals halfheartedly if at all. They are disgusted that liberal gains, from new government programs to crazed federal court decisions, are seldom reversed but conservative policies like the Bush tax cuts come with an expiration date.

Conservatives are now demanding that their candidates do more than vote for John Boehner for speaker and Mitch McConnell for Senate majority leader. And when asked to vote for liberal Republicans, they lack confidence they’ll even get that much.

Conservatives lack this confidence for good reason. They watched Specter leave the GOP and hand the Democrats a filibuster-proof Senate majority. They watched “Jumpin'” Jim Jeffords of Vermont hand the Senate over to the Democrats in 2001. They let Rhode Island Rockefeller Republican Lincoln Chafee cling to the GOP label only to watch him leave the party and endorse Barack Obama.  Snip –

…how is it a victory to elect a liberal with an “R” next to her name rather than a “D?” What does it profit a movement to win an election but lose its soul? Conservatives are saying to the Republican Party: for years you have taken us for granted. Now you can either win with us or lose without us. And if a conservative candidate loses anyway, so be it.

Rank-and-file conservatives no longer trust the Republican establishment. They don’t trust big-spending incumbents. They don’t even trust conservative magazines, websites, and commentators who in their view run down conservative candidates.

It’s amazing that O’Donnell was a fine candidate when she was sent to the slaughter against Biden in a Democrat year (2008). So why wasn’t she good enough to run when the seat was open? Because Republicans are basically cowards? Or they don’t want to rock the boat? Whatever it is (or was?), I hope that O’Donnell gets busy and defeats the Marxist Democrat she’s running against. Yesterday on Rush Limbaugh’s show a young Republican from Delaware said that his state is a small state, and that O’Donnell can get out there and get herself known and still win this thing. I say, you go, girl! Read it all here:


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