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Obama is destroying the Democratic Party.

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Obama is destroying the Democratic Party. 

I’ve often said that liberalism is a destructive force. It destroys everything it touches. Just a few examples: public education, Detroit, the black family, the mainstream media, California, higher education, the real estate market, the American economy, the best health care system in the world. Dick Morris says Barack Obama’s brand of liberalism is in the process of destroying another American institution: the Democratic Party. This is from Morris and his wife Eileen McGann at National Review Online.

…Barack Obama is destroying the Democratic party. It may not recover for a long time. In this, he most closely resembles a synthesis of the failed candidacy of George McGovern and the catastrophic presidency of Herbert Hoover. The damage he is doing to his party’s image and prospects closely resembles the harm Hoover did to the Republican party, from which it did not recover for 20 years after he left office. And the extent to which Obama is discrediting the Left parallels the damage George McGovern did to his ideological confreres in 1972, when he went down to flaming defeat.

In a sense, America met its first conservative in 1981 and fell in love. We met our first liberal in 2009 and are running away screaming. FDR was too long ago to count, Lyndon Johnson too distracted by Vietnam to make an impact. So Obama is the first full-throated liberal to be president in our lifetimes. And we won’t soon forget him and the lessons his failure is teaching us.

Strangely, the Democrats don’t yet get it. They whistle a happy tune as they march off the cliff. There is no voice of dissent against Obama’s policies, no mumbled animosity, no suppressed discontent…

…The hyperactive Bush foreign and military policy made the yearning for peace and isolation stronger. And as conservatives increased our national wealth, the glaring omission of the health-care system loomed larger. Finally, when the depression hit, voters called in the liberals from stage left and asked them to take a shot at turning the country around.

From the moment George Washington took the oath of office until Obama did, America had borrowed $9 trillion. Under Obama, it has borrowed $3.2 trillion more, in less than two years. Our health-care system was deformed, manufacturing was terrified by the prospect of cap-and-tax, GM was absorbed by the government and conquered by the unions, and federalism was buried in an avalanche of subsidies that turned state governments into branch offices of Washington.

Americans have learned their lesson, just as they learned from Hoover the evils of Republican laissez-faire economics

In George McGovern, we all saw the incompetence of liberalism, its disorganization, its extremism, and its ultimate impotence…Snip –

The magnitude of our error (in electing Obama) — or at least of our understanding of it — will become apparent on November 2, when the GOP will win both houses of Congress, the House by a considerable margin. The 2010 landslide will likely set the record for the largest transfer of House seats in an off- year election. The prior mark of 74 seats in 1922 (a Democratic gain in the wake of Harding’s scandals and the Teapot Dome investigation) will probably be eclipsed. But the true measure of the damage Obama has done to his ideology and his party will not be evident for some time.

Let’s just hope Obama doesn’t take the country down with his party. I can see November from my house. Let’s help him by taking down his party a few notches in this next election because the country cannot continue with delusional Democrats in charge. I think they are living in some kind of a D.C. bubble where everything is rosy and bright, problem is, the rest of us are out here in the real world where we have to deal with every ridiculous, expensive and destructive thing they propose and pass. Time to burst their bubble so that after November all they can see is the American people swarming their porch. Read it all here:


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  1. Let us hope that the people of Illinois can rid itself of the rot of Chicago Politics because the inability of the Obama bunch will removed in November and the trash returned to Illinois.

  2. The Democrats are a political reflection of so called, moderate Muslims. Neither of these groups leaders seem to be willing to step forward and condemn bad practices and therefore they all get grouped together. We have all these conservative Democrats who campaign on conservative principles but none have the courage to stand up against the liberal policies of their parties elite. I hope and believe that the tea party represents a different set of principles, where government will be held to a higher standard, no matter which party is in power..

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