Posted by: Greg Huff | September 29, 2010

Putting the Federal Government Back Into Its Constitutional Shackles

Many people in the United States have never read the Constitution.  What is more alarming is many of our elected officials have never read it either.

We were upset awhile back because our representatives passed legislation they had not read. The oath of office for all Federal officials contains the phrase “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

How can you support and defend something of which you know nothing?

There have been various attacks on the Constitution over the years by the courts. I won’t go into specific cases but in a paper by Robert H. Bork and Daniel E. Troy, written in 2002 entitled LOCATING THE BOUNDARIES: THE SCOPE OF CONGRESS’S POWER TO REGULATE COMMERCE they state:

“’[t]he ink was not yet dry on the Constitution when its revision began.’ Almost immediately, Congress began pressing beyond specifically enumerated powers granted it in Article I. As a result, today, Americans encounter a national government far more expansive than the Framers and men of their generation could ever have imagined.”

They go on to say that ” There is no possibility, today, of adhering completely to the original constitutional design. Such a daring plan would require overturning the New Deal, the Great Society, and almost all of the vast network of federal legislation and regulation put in place in the last two-thirds of the twentieth century. It appears that the American people would be overwhelmingly against such a change and no court would attempt to force it upon them.” You can read the entire paper here:

Since the above was written in 2002, I believe the American people would no longer be “overwhelmingly against such a change” because the American people have awakened to the vast THREAT of the Federal Governments unconstitutional actions and realize this as being the greatest threat to the continued existence of our way of life in this country. In essence, the Federal Government has become, itself, the “enemy of the state”.

Though we cannot expect all of these horrendous, job killing, people degrading, nanny state programs to be disemboweled and ultimately put on the scrap-heap of history all at once, we can expect to elect legislators who know the value of a free-market system and the Constitution that enables such. We can replace the statist, the looters, the moochers and whores that infest both houses of congress. We can educate the public at large on the Constitution and what it means.

Eventually, we can have a President who will appoint originalist-jurist to the Federal Circuit and Supreme Courts and a Senate that will consent to the appointments.

The Tea Party movement has shown its importance in getting candidates that are simpatico with their values of smaller government and fiscal restraint. More importantly they have been successful in getting them elected in the primaries over the mediocre picks of the Republican establishment.

The Tea Party movement is not “anti-Government” it is anti-Statist. It is not trying to revolutionize the United States. It is trying to return the United States to its roots i.e., prior to the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of government bastardizing the Constitution by throwing out the concept of “enumerated powers” with the catchall of the Commerce Clause.

In more modern terms if you consider the Constitution the basic operating system of the country like “Windows” is the operating system of your computer, you know that from time to time utility programs have to be run to eliminate the junk files, and other accumulated flotsam that will eventually crash the computer. You have to have programs that guard against viruses, worms and trojan horse programs. If it gets bad enough you may have to reinstall the original program.

If we do not address this issue and get back to our original program (the Constitution), the United States will crash.

We will have to begin by getting rid of the viruses and worms that have infected the congress and then move on to the Trojan horse that is in the Whitehouse and with that put in programs that will remove the virus infecting the courts. With that done, perhaps we’ll have the wherewithal to tackle getting rid of all the junk programs that are sapping the life out of the country.

The Federal government slipped out of the shackles the Constitution placed them in. We have to slap the cuffs back on.There are a limited number of t-shirts available with the above design for $20.00.   (Only large is available at present.)  If you wish to have one contact us at

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  1. Excellent! I hope, with this coming election, we are about to begin turning the Battleship of State. Begining us on a return to yesteryear where values and principles trump politically correctness and feelings.

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