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Three charts to see before voting.

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Three charts to see before voting.

Several charts over the past couple of years have awoken many people to how out of control our federal government has become. Deroy Murdock over at National Review Online has put three of these together in one post to remind Americans what we’re fighting against and to rev you all up to go vote. These three charts show the insanity of Obamacare, the diminishing private sector jobs compared to the growing public sector, and the vast divide between federal employee pay compared with private sector pay. We taxpayers are on the hook for all of this. This is a very persuasive wakeup call.

… Titled “Your New Health Care System,” this schematic shows how Obamacare’s hundreds of moving parts will fit together and whirl — or not, as rising health costs at Boeing, McDonald’s, and the United Federation of Teachers (to name a few affected organizations) already reveal.

  First Chart

Snip –

Literally scores of icons and symbols show how the president, the secretary of health and human services, the IRS, and other existing federal actors and agencies interact with Obamacare’s new entities including, among many others, the Elder Justice Coordinating Council, the Medicare Prescription Drug and MA-PD Complaint System, and the National Oral Health Public Education Campaign.

Even worse, the JEC’s diligent personnel could not fit all of this new law’s boards, commissions, mandates, and other elements onto this chart….

Here’s what’s missing:

…four loan repayment and forgiveness programs, four other new regulatory programs, 17 insurance mandates, 19 special-interest provisions, 22 other new bureaucracies, 26 other new demonstration and pilot programs, and 59 other new grant programs. These 151 additional items within Obamacare do not appear individually on this diagramSnip –

The JEC’s 25-megabyte creation is difficult to transmit via e-mail. However, a convenient link opens a PDF that allows readers to zoom in and explore this chart in amazing and shocking detail.  Snip –

(the chart gives) a jaw-dropping glimpse of the health-care Hell that awaits the American people, unless they elect a new Congress to shutter this entire fiasco before it renders this republic irretrievably ill.  Snip —

The next chart is from the Heritage Foundation and shows the loss of jobs in the private sector as compared to local and state government jobs and (the piece de resistance) over-bloated federal government sector.

 Second Chart            

…While the American people live increasingly ascetic lives, and even city halls and statehouses have displayed some restraint, Washington, D.C., increasingly resembles Versailles — an out-of-touch, extravagant, and callous place that fuels little beyond the nation’s disgust, fury, and organized rebellion….

Finally, USA Today on August 10 published this front-page chart based on Bureau of Economic Analysis data…

 Third Chart

 These nauseating numbers show federal employees earning 201 percent of the average private worker’s compensation. Federal benefits equal 395 percent of private-sector benefits.

This bloat is bipartisan. While President Obama’s spending spree has exacerbated the inequality of federal vs. private compensation, this problem reaches into the irresponsible Bush-Rove years. Between 2000 and 2009, private salaries and benefits grew by 8.8 percent after inflation. Among federal civilians, however, salaries and benefits exploded by 36.9 percent.

If any sleeping Democrat wants to understand at least part of the reason everyday Americans are in the streets protesting in Tea Party rallies, these three charts should give them a bit of a wakeup call. Americans still believe in free market principles and these three charts reflect nothing but government intervention, government bloat and government employees enriched on the backs of those in the private sector. But, it’s not just the outrageous cost and exhausting intervention in the American people’s lives that has so pushed Americans to unheard-of resistance to its government…it’s the fact that the current administration has done this in direct opposition to the voters. They have done this knowing it’s against the will of the country. This “let them eat cake” moment from the Democrats in charge (which actually started when Bush and the Republicans pooh-poohed Americans’ revolt against illegal immigration amnesty as they attempted to shove it down our throats) has been the straw (actually so many straws in the past two years) that has broken the voting public’s backs. We the people will not be pushed around by those who think they know better. We do not want to end like Greece. We do not want to end like France. So, Washington, quit trying to shove this leftist crap down our throats. Read it all here, and pass it along to your friends.


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  1. Liked your comment on the Spectator site “Their goals are the same — bringing down the USA. They all hate the country as it is founded, therefore, natural allies.” Exactly right. The Progressives & the Islamists are birds of the same totalitarian feather. Funny thing is, if either of ’em had the power, first thing they’d do is wipe out the other. Stop by my blog sometime.

    • I’ll check it out, Bob, and thanks for the response. And, so true about wiping each other out if they have the chance. They don’t want any competition! Just like the Dems would shut up their leftist critics if they had the chance. If they had complete control of the country (you know, no pesky elections to hold) — they would march their leftist critics to the gallows faster than their critics on the right.

      • Just a note to let you know I’m putting up a link to your blog on my site.

  2. Thanks, Bob. This is my brother-in-law’s site, so I will make sure he does the same. Take care!

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