Posted by: Debby Durkee | October 24, 2010

Time to listen to the American people.

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Time to listen to the American people.

Matthew Continetti says that since 2005 the American people have been bouncing unhappily between the Republican and the Democrat parties. The people are restless because neither party has paid attention to what they’ve been trying to tell them. His suggestion to the Republicans – listen to the American people.  This is from the Weekly Standard.

… A half-decade of calamity followed Katrina, from which the country has not yet emerged. You remember the headlines. Harriet Miers. Dubai Ports. The bombing of the Golden Mosque. Jack Abramoff. Sectarian war in Iraq. Mark Foley. The battle over immigration. The battle over the surge. The collapse of the housing bubble. Bear Stearns. Bernie Madoff. The onset of the Great Recession. $4 gas. Lehman Brothers. TARP. The auto bailout. All of this shook America to its foundations…

As the bad news piled up, Americans began suffering from a lack of confidence. They felt mistrust toward their institutions. They began to doubt the future. They overwhelmingly believed that the country was headed in the wrong direction. …Conservative Republicans, angry at their party’s leadership, started calling themselves independents and sat out elections. Most independents swung heavily behind the Democrats, by an 18-point margin in 2006 and an 8-point margin in 2008. Snip–

The rejection of status quo Republicans by conservatives gave us the presidency of Barack Obama.

As Americans felt that their country was slipping away, the president started speaking of a “New Foundation” for America. He championed causes that were not high public priorities, like cap and trade and health care. The Democrats lavished attention on politically connected groups—big banks, Detroit, public sector workers—while doing little to quell uncertainty and promote job creation in the private sector. And when the president encountered resistance to his vision, he attributed the disagreement to irrational fear or craven partisanship. Was it surprising that independents turned away from the Democrats so quickly? Is it remarkable that, in the latest Pew survey, likely independent voters favor Republicans by 19 points?

Over the last half decade, neither party has found itself capable of effective governance in line with the broad contours of American public opinion. In both cases, the agenda of the governing party has been out of whack with the public’s concerns and desires

The lesson for conservatives and Republicans is that they are about to win an election by default. The public still distrusts the GOP. But it cannot stand the Obama agenda. Snip —

Continetti says all one has to do is look at the House Democrats who are in serious trouble – all voted for most if not all of:  stimulus, cap and trade and health care.  

the public believes the Democratic program has been unnecessary and counterproductive.

…history suggests that the way out is through bold and creative policy. …in the early 1890s the electorate swung wildly between the parties before William McKinley’s Republicans married a pro-growth economic program to a strong nationalism that kept their party dominant for three decades. Similarly, starting in the 1960s, major public figures were assassinated, cities burned, a sitting president didn’t run for reelection, a vice president resigned for corruption, another president resigned before being impeached, a Democratic wave produced one of the most left-wing congresses in history, Saigon fell, stagflation reigned, and an unknown, one-term governor of Georgia became a particularly ineffective president. Then Ronald Reagan combined pro-growth tax policy, a strong dollar, and a robust defense of American exceptionalism into one of the most successful presidencies in history.

Republicans who want to build on their coming success at the polls might study McKinley and Reagan. Then they might resolve to be humble—and listen to the American people.

The American people, most obviously through the Tea Party movement, have been yelling out loud now since February 2009. Most of us hope and pray we get these radicals out of our Congress so we can get the country back on track. If Republicans are put into power, they’d better pay attention and understand that this is a fight for the country. We don’t really care about their party. We care about the country. They had better care about it too, or they will be replaced. It’s time to do bold things – those things the American people want you to do. Get the country back on track. Cut spending. Cut the size of the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., get us on the path to save our children from this massive debt and entitlement future which will bring us down as it has brought down Greece and is in the process of making life truly difficult in France. We are looking at the future for our children’s sake. We want you to do the same. Read it all here:


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  1. I consider myself an independent conservative. I try to vote for the one that I consider will do the least damage. Jimmie ( the peanut farmer ) Carter was in my opinion the most damaging President in our history, until President O’vomit came along. Now the peanut farmer looks good up side this guy that we have now.

  2. “Then they might resolve to be humble..”
    A humble politician is as rare as a non-barking dog. Just ask Harry “I Saved The World” Reid.

    • Hey, Just wanted you to know that the link to your site is up on ours. Debby Durkee

      • Thanks. Election Day’s almost here. A fine time to hunt donkeys & RINOs…

  3. Let’s hope the Republicans get it. When/if Republicans win, we must make sure we hold their feet to the fire. Burn up their phone lines, e-mail inboxes, and faxes. They need praise when they do something right and threats if they think about doing something wrong. This is our fault — we’ve thought for a long time that everything was fine. We thought we could just raise our children, work and then retire and all would continue to be fine. We now know better.

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