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After the election — Obamacare: Rest in peace?

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After the election — Obamacare: Rest in peace?

This is from a Washington times editorial. They seem to think that this election is the death knell for Obamacare. I don’t know, it’s been like the undead each and every time we think it’s done for! Republicans in the majority of at least one branch of the legislature would certainly make a big difference.

While the president’s veto power increases the difficulty of a complete repeal, Republican control of the House – and perhaps the Senate – certainly would deflate Mr. Obama’s Democratic dreams. The Internal Revenue Service, for example, needs an estimated $10 billion to raise a well-equipped army of agents 16,500 strong to implement the individual health care mandate penalties. The congressional power of the purse is sufficient to send that agency into retreat. Snip –

The article goes on to show that even Democrats (who have finally seen the American people’s handwriting on the very big election wall) have come out against it. Here’s just one:

…the most comprehensive critique can be found in “Fresh Medicine,” a new book by Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, a Democrat. In a year in which he isn’t even running for re-election, Mr. Bredesen pulls few punches. “Congress and the Obama administration have just added over 30 million people into an obsolete and broken system and done little to address the underlying problems; in multiple ways, they’ve made them worse,” he wrote. “Worse” is an understatement. Lower quality health care, higher costs, more complexity and more regulations would be Obamacare’s legacy.

The American people have a chance to stop it from happening. Just as the drubbing of congressional Democrats in 1994 in the wake of the Clinton gun ban has kept overt gun-control measures out of the national spotlight, the 2010 drubbing could kill the desire for health care nationalization once and for all. Already, 71 percent of voters in Missouri have approved a ballot measure that will block implementation of Obamacare at the state level. Big votes tomorrow on similar constitutional amendments in Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma will make it clear once and for all that Obamacare is not long for this world.

Let’s hope they’re right, and that we can say that Obamacare is not long for this world. Make sure you go out and vote if you haven’t yet. This is the most important election of our lifetime. Read it all here:

Speaking of voting and what’s at stake in this election, here’s a very straightforward, honest assessment from Rush Limbaugh. He pretty much covers it all.

If you want higher unemployment, if you want fewer jobs, vote Democrat.  Do you know that the unemployed are starting to form…? They’re organizing.  The people that have been out of work longer than the 99 weeks that they get benefits are now organizing for more unemployment benefits, for extended benefits. There are people in this country who no longer want to work, and they are voting Democrat, and they are demanding extended benefits.  If you want that, if you want more Americans who are outta work and don’t wanna work — and we already know 76% of us know someone who’s lost a job — vote Democrat. If you want a smaller paycheck, if you want less take-home pay, vote Democrat…if you want to pay higher tuition for your kids to go to what now seems like (sigh) a more and more worthless proposition, college — vote Democrat.

If you want to lose your home, vote Democrat.  If you want to be less secure in terms of foreign policy or even domestic policy, vote Democrat.  If you want illegal aliens to vote, vote Democrat. If you want open borders and lawsuits against states who try to enforce federal law, vote Democrat.  If you want police citing you for eating too much trans fat, vote Democrat.  If you want death panels in your health care legislation, vote Democrat.  If you want higher health care costs, vote Democrat. If you wanna believe we’re not a great country, vote Democrat.  If you believe America is guilty, vote Democrat.  If you believe America must pay the price for 230 years of indecency and evil, vote Democrat….

He goes on with a lot more advice for Republicans for what Republicans should do after the election. Here are just a few items up for bid from Rush.

Act immediately on votes to repeal Obamacare.

Act immediately on votes to deny the EPA the power to regulate carbon dioxide through cap and trade.

Move immediately to make permanent the Bush tax cuts.

Move immediately to press for a single constitutional amendment that would limit the size of the federal government by limiting the percentage of GDP the federal government can spend in any given year…

I’m with Rush. Make Obama veto the repeal of Obamacare. Who knows? The Dems might be so scared by the election results that they’ll help override it. You just never know. It all sounds good to me. Please read all of Rush here:


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  1. We will never know if it can be repealed unless we give it a shot. Freedom and constitutional principles are worth fighting for, our children and grandchildren deserve no less. It’s time to be bold!

    • And why shouldn’t we expect repeal — “Afterall, we are Americans!!” Ronald Reagan.

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